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Best New Stag Do Ideas of 2015

Best man articles — By on June 7, 2015 1:14 pm

What a splendid year 2015 has been for stag do innovations. There are times when it can be difficult to create new recipes from a certain base set of materials. You need only look at some of the concoctions that Pizza Hut have come up with over the years for evidence of that – hotdog pizza anyone?! But hats off to Stagweb and Chillisauce this year for coming up with some of the best new stag do ideas of 2015.


Play with a Legend

One of the best new stag do ideas of 2105: Play with a Legend

Probably the best of the bunch in my opinion, and admittedly as a football fan I’m biased, is the ‘Play with a Legend’ package put together by market leading stag do powerhouse Chillisauce. To return to the pizza metaphor this package is the equivalent of a pepperoni feast such is its ability to generate genuine excitement and anticipation. The ingredients in this instance are your stag party, a football stadium (no less) and wait for it…a former Premier League legend! Beat that!


The best thing about this stag do idea for me is that we’re not talking washed up ex-pros who were, shall we say, nearly men in their day. Hell no! We’re talking the likes of Le Tiss, Merson, Anderton and Sheringham. Players who not so long ago were playing for their country and living the dream of playing top class football and getting paid handsomely for the privilege. And YOU get to play against them. For like fifty quid! Another great benefit is that each club is represented so you can play against your heros. As I say, all round brilliance, with the disclaimer that I’m of that era and a football fan.


Live Like the The Wolf of Wall Street for a Week

New Stag Do Ideas of 2015Speaking of football players and the filthy rich, you’d have to be one or the other to take up another of the new and newsworthy stag do ideas of 2015 and that’s the ‘Million Pound Stag Do’ from those smooth operators over at StagWeb. I’d be surprised, nay amazed, if anyone has actually booked on to this particular package not least because, as the name suggests this will set you back a cool mill for seven days and only permits a party of 10 which for those of you who are not so hot on the maths, is a mere £100K a piece. Never mind that you can buy a two bedroom detached house for that kind of money in a good few parts of the country, this is decadence Hollywood style. Notable highlights include being titled a Lord at a 16th Century Scottish Castle, catching a private jet over Vegas, hopping over to your own private Caribbean island, again by private jet, before heading to Monaco via el Classico and back to Blighty. Phew! Now that’s the sort of indulgence to rival the escapades of Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street (minus the Quaaludes presumably).


Live Like Bond For a Week

New Stag Do Ideas of 2015It’s possible that in the course of putting together the aforementioned headline grabber that the StagWeb guys stumbled upon another of their new stag do ideas of 2015 – the more affordable ‘Island Package’. Although very different stag do activities, this one does share something in common with Chillisauce’s ‘Play with a Legend’ package, and that’s aspiration. Whilst many of us grew up dreaming of playing at Wembley alongside our favourite players, many have also day dreamed about an idyllic life away from the stresses and strains of the modern world on a desert island. Well I have anyway. The good thing about this package series is that its more affordable to the common man like you and I. Sure you can splash the cash and go to Tahiti which comes in at £700pp for 3 nights but there are options closer to home for a more affordable £400pp in Scotland which include the run of your very own 260 acre island! Good work chaps!


Grin and Bear It

New Stag do Ideas of 2015 - Bear Grylls

One of the new stag do ideas of 2015 to use a celebrity. Could we see more of this going forward?

The last of my highlighted new stag do ideas of 2015 features a man, in name at least, who is no stranger to spending time on a dessert island, Mr. Bear Grylls. He might sound like a posh lad but this fella is hard as nails and its with his endorsement that those StagWeb guys have once again come up trumps with their ‘Bear Grylls Survival Weekend Package’ which we’re told is an exclusive. Unlike the ‘Play with a Legend’ package, you won’t actually get to meet Mr. Grylls but you can sure as hell imagine you’re the great man as you and the boys undertake a set of challenges that would bring a sweat to the brow of Britains Baddest Adventurer. This package is designed for action and takes place on the same eerie landscape that our finest commandos, the SAS, use to train up their soldiers for battle. Like Bear, who is himself a former SAS man, you’ll get to hunt and eat wild animals, build rafts, sleep in shelters and do that most manly of activities – make a fire! Starting at £500pp for the 3 day package and going up to £1050 for the 4 dayer, this is going to set you back but having said that, you’ll save on the booze so I guess you’ll need to compare apples and apples in the final analysis.


Final Thoughts

The latter sounds far too tough for a city dweller like me but I do applaud StagWeb for coming up with the goods. With two out of the four awesome stag do ideas of 2015 featuring celebrities, it makes me wonder if we’ll see a few more pop up in the future as a means for the bigger players to differentiate their offerings. Living the life of a celeb even for a an afternoon has a definite emotional appeal and so perhaps we’ll see the big boys branch out to movies or music going forward. We’ll see.


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