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Few of the estimated 5,000 best men in the UK on May 19 will have as many comedy open goals as Prince William is presented with when he gives a speech about his brother Prince Harry.   To give them their full titles, groom Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor will, at some point on Saturday afternoon, hand the floor to sibling William Arthur Philip Louis and hope he says nothing too toe-curling.   Wills then has a goldmine of laughs to exploit – be it Harry’s Vegas skinny-dipping, his love for dressing up as a henchman for history’s most evil dictator or past experiments with drink and marajuana that led to a one day stint in rehab (possibly the least […]
The Welsh refer to Wales as God’s country and they should know, they live there. Wales is more than just rolling hills, diverse mountainous ranges, national parks and outstanding natural beauty, that’s just what makes it such a fantastic stag weekend destination.  A stag weekend in Wales might be just what you need.   What also makes Wales brilliant for stag dos, is on a night out in the Capital Cardiff or Swansea, you will never meet a friendlier bunch of people, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you’ll still hear “alright butt, how’s it goin?”.   But what exactly has Wales have to offer to my stag group and what’s this two-sided story all about?   To get the low-down […]
  Hello and welcome to the 2018 awards for the Best Stag Do Operators.   This year, with not one but TWO royal weddings lined up for the summer, I’ve decided to make it a Windsor-themed edition. For those of you old enough to remember ‘It’s a Royal Knockout’, one of the most spectacular telly disasters of the 1980s, I’m sorry to disappoint, it’s got nothing to do with that. But it does feature another royal legend, fifth in line to the throne and first in line for the bar at Boujis, Prince Harry.   2017 was a bit of a mad one, right? Jeremy Corbyn rocking the crowd at Glastonbury; North Korea and Mother Nature racing to see who […]
Darwin didn’t write his Theory of Evolution specifically about stag parties and weddings but as the human race continues to get smarter and more advanced perhaps it’s no coincidence couples are getting married later in life. Romantic as the idea is of teenagers eloping to Gretna Green as they didn’t have parental permission, the practicalities must be a pain in the arse. It would have involved at least one lengthy train ride, a quick change into your finest outfit in a pub toilet and a short honeymoon in the Scottish borders – if you were lucky. Fortunately, such practices are becoming increasingly rare as the average age of a person getting married in the UK is now early 30s, eight […]
Back in 1996, when Google was still in nappies, some stag party websites set out to champion the stressed bestman with a mini fist pump feeling.   Some of those early pioneers – Freedom, Red Seven and Maximise – remain key players today, in what is a highly competitive industry. Maybe I’m a bit of fuddy duddy but I like brands that have heritage. Like those old tailors in London that have been selling suits and finery since the 1800’s, or a Scotch that dates back five generations, it gives an air of sophistication and knowledge that is very reassuring.   Here we shine a light on one of the originals, Freedom Stag Weekends, who were ‘Est. 1996’. In the twenty years since inception, they have […]
Remember early 2016, when we were already bored by talk of the EU referendum and looking forward to it being over? And when the thought of Donald Trump becoming president seemed as likely as that being his real hair?   Well this time last year, I published a report on how the best stag do operators in the UK compare in terms of price, customer service and knowledge about the destinations and activities they offer. You only need to look at the news to see how much things can change in 12 months, so I figured it was good idea to take a fresh look.   This year we’re heading to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic and also the capital […]
I’ve written about how to deal with booze in stag do planning previously, where we talked tactics to ensure you get through the stag weekend without having to write off the all-important Saturday night because you’ve over done it on the Friday. Of course the other downside of an overly indulgence Friday night, for any best man who is playing organiser, is that the energy levels of the wider group is spent too early and you then have to play the role of motivator to get them going again. For a group of 14 or 15 lads, some of whom you may not know, this can be a bit of a challenge to see the least. So with that in mind, […]
Don’t tell anyone but the UK stag do as we know it may be changing. Ask most people what springs to mind when prompted with this pre-nuptial ritual and you’ll likely hear outrageous outfits, drunken misbehaviour and extreme pranks. Whilst this portrait is not entirely inaccurate in the here and now, there are signs that times might just be a-changing. The increase of anti-social measures targeting stag weekends, the rising age of grooms and a trend for more fulfilling experiences amongst men has started to fragment the £500m industry. A new group of more mature and sedate stag parties are emerging, opting for a slower paced bonding experience than alcohol fuelled misadventure. Think Sideways more than Hangover.   Crackdown Last […]
Wedding suits are another thing for us blokes to think about. Back in the day, your Great Uncle Jim wore the same clobber to every single wedding he ever attended, but times have changed, and so too has the expectancies of the blokes on that wedding guest list, to turn up to the church on time, as well as in fashion. We’re right in the 2016 wedding season, but you’ve got another year’s worth of weddings to attend, and you will need a different outfit and look for each one. And let’s face it, we’re all turning a bit girly, what with moisturisers, bronzers (don’t even lie about that one) and blow dry hair dos, so let’s turn to nature to “inspire” […]
The whole point of a stag do is to give your best mate the send-off he deserves – inevitably incorporating one or more humiliating stag costumes. Stag and hen party planners, Last Night of Freedom, have rounded up their top 10 stag party costumes of 2016 – from the risqué to the downright vulgar. You have been warned…   01. T-shirts – king of stag costumes Personalised T-shirts are still the most popular of all stag costumes by a long shot according to LNoF. These seem to have been around a while but remain top of the pops, probably because of the personalisation. They will, of course, have a nickname printed on that you’d never want your Mum (or the wife) to find […]
SPONSORED POST Organising a stag do can be one of the hardest and most daunting parts of being asked to be the best man. Getting a group of loud, energetic and potentially drunk lads together to have organised fun can go really wrong – but it can also go really right.   Today many best men are employing the expert services of companies such as Eventhuse who organise unique, top quality stag dos across Europe. And with exclusive destinations such as Ayia Napa; Bucharest; as well as popular stag do hot spots such as Prague; Budapest and Krakow in their portfolio, this family run company is an excellent option to ensure your stag holiday abroad goes off without a hitch! […]
The best men deserve the best advice and when it comes to stag do ideas, information as they say, is power! So,  if you’re looking to understand which stag provider is the best when it comes to your all important stag weekend then read on!   Back in 2012 when I started iamthebestman, my aim was to provide prospective Best Men with a reliable and useful resource to help them with their responsibilities.   Those run from duties on the day itself – not forgetting the rings is a big one – to what to wear for the wedding; how to give a memorable speech that causes just the right amount of offence, to probably the most important – organising a killer […]
Written by Oliver, Founder of Okay gents, I’m going to talk fast and keep this brief. I know your time is valuable so I’m going to rattle off some stag do ideas for you to give you a bit of inspiration. I’ve tried to restrict these to activities that will last a minimum of a full day or night, or those that give excellent value for your hard-earned cash. To help you choose which stag do ideas would be best for your group, I’ve also broken it down into categories. Oh, one last thing, if these don’t float your boat then either check out our stag do ideas page for further inspiration. Alternatively, give me a shout and I can help you out. Right, […]
With more waterways than Venice, one of the most famous sporting rivalries in the world and some of the biggest bands ever, Manchester genuinely is a place for 24-hour party people. What’s that? You don’t happen to be a millionaire midfielder with tons of twitter followers or rock god raking it in that knows where all the best hangouts are? You want some Manchester stag do ideas? But don’t know where to start? Easy, leave it to We’ve got our ear to the ground in and around Manchester, we’ve spoken to the coolest cats in town and found out where all the best spots are so every best man that visits Manchester with us will know exactly where to go […]
Where’s the cheapest stag do destination? A common question and not always as straightforward as it sounds to answer when you factor in flights, accommodation and all the rest of it. A more simplistic method is to measure it by beer! Yup, how much is a pint in Barcelona vs Berlin? Or Bristol vs Belfast? Well, the answer is here in the shape of a couple of nifty infographics brought to you by expert stag do party planners The Stag Company who have kindly researched the price of booze across Britain and the EU taking the hard yards (if you’ll excuse the pun) out of researching the cheapest stag do destination for the likes of you and I. Handily they’ve […]