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‘Do not go gently into that good night’ wrote Dylan Thomas, and he knew a thing or two about being Welsh and losing weekends to a drunken haze. And the same can be said of Cardiff, where the nights are rarely gentle. Forget the stereotypes – the male voiced choirs, the proliferation of sheep, and men wearing vegetables on their lapels – consign them to the bin marked ‘daft’ and find out ‘what’s occurring’ in our Cardiff Stag Do Ideas Guide. Barely a weekend goes by when the city isn’t descended upon by hordes of stags, hens and assorted revellers looking for fun, sport and whatever kind of after-dark action tickles your particular palette. So the question is, of course, […]
8 million people can’t be wrong (unless you take into account viewing figures for The X-Factor, natch). That’s about the number of people who visit Brighton every year, and a substantial proportion of them, in fact some weekends it feels like most of them, are Stag and Hen parties. Certainly residents rarely raise an eyebrow nowadays when they see 20 guys in wrestling outfits approaching, one of them wielding an inflatable lady. So what’s so special about the place? And what is there to do? Read on for Brighton stag do ideas. Why so popular? Well, the weather down there on the south coast may have something to do with it, as might the ease of access from London. Plus […]
Take the advice of iamthebestman – if you want your stag weekend to be the one your mates are all still talking about by the time your silver wedding anniversaries roll around, then you’ll struggle to do better than a Benidorm stag do. It’s big, it’s brash, and it goes off with a bang. Read on to find the only Benidorm Stag do ideas guide on the internet. Benidorm occupies a curious place in the British psyche. On one hand, it has been lampooned for years as an example of the worst excesses of mass-market package tourism, with a coastline tarnished by ugly concrete mega-hotels and promoting an unhealthy combination of binge-drinking and sunburn. But on the other hand, as […]
What are the best locations for cheap stag weekends? It’s a question frequently asked of us here at iamthebestman. As luck would have it, boffins at travel currency specialist No. 1 currency published a report this week comparing a basket of stag do essentials – including a pint, a Big Mac and club entry – across 10 popular stag do destinations to help provide the answers. Well gents, the data has been collected and verified and I can now reveal that the most affordable place to go for a cheap stag weekend is…[cut to nervous looks from Eastern European countries] Bratislava! Or is it? Let me explain… Cheap Stag Weekends: Prices Compared on a Basket of Stag Essentials   Rebasing […]
The Pope’s Catholic. Bears crap in woods. Dolly Parton sleeps on her back. Some things in life are just that obvious. You’d have thought such sage advice as ‘don’t mention the ex’, would be also fit neatly in to the box ‘what not to do when making a best man speech’, but my friends, you’d be surprised. Take our friend below who makes possibly the worst best man speeches of all time. Will he look back on this with pride and say ‘I did my best friend proud’ or will he come to realise he was the man who graced the internet as a case book example of what not to do. But whilst to all but the speaker in […]
Before organising a stag do, pause for a moment to listen to the wise words of basketball supremo, clothes horse and cartoon star, Michael Jordan who once said” I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” Hell yeah Mike! Makes you want punch the air doesn’t it?! Look up anyone who’s been successful and you’ll find they made mistakes. As Mr. Jordan outlines above, it’s learning from those mistakes that is instrumental in bringing achievement. So in a bid to bring you glory allow […]
There was a day, when the stag do was more of a stag night and any prank a bit of tom foolery. Now, as with the stag do itself, stag do pranks have got ever more elaborate turning in to fully orchestrated events. Tradition dictates the stag should suffer some form of ceremonial humiliation but what should that be? And how far should it go? In our experience there is a continuum – a stag do prankometer if you will. On one side, in keeping with the good old days there is a small set piece or spot of embarrassment for the soon to be attached stag, on the other a full-on exercise involving third parties, cover stories and a […]
If you’re having difficulty writing your Best man Speech, want something a bit more original, or perhaps just want a second pair of eyes on your existing material then why not get in touch to get your best man speech written for you Related posts: 5 ways to make a killer best man’s speech (warning these are audacious) Best Man Speech Questionnaire
Introduction People like to name cities don’t they? The Big Apple. The City of Angels. The Windy City. There obviously wasn’t much consensus in the case of Prague as it ended up with three: The City of a Hundred Spires (not particularly catchy), The Golden City (sounds like it could be Bangkok) and The Mother of Cities (Hmmm). Personally, we think a better option should be ‘The City of Stags’ because it ticks just about every box there is for an awesome stag weekend away. The Czech List Good beer? Check. Amazing looking girls? Check. Good value? Open late? Relaxed policy on stag parties? Check, check, check. Strip clubs and gambling? You get the picture! With flights, accommodation and activities […]
The modern stag do has morphed in to a bigger, more orchestrated and significant event in the run up to a wedding than ever before. To those who are new to experience or even doing it a second time round, it’s quite a responsibility that is not without its pressures. Expectations have risen to an all-time high and so to have the numbers. It can be a bit sobering to know that this (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience is in your hands! When you delve in to the detail, the choice of stag do locations and stag do activities is vast. From Reading to Riga from riot training to rally car driving, you’d be forgiven for being somewhat overwhelmed […]
Personalisation, you have noticed has become more popular in recent years. You can get your name put on trainers, your photo on a Barclaycard or design your own t-shirt, and have it made to order. Anything you want can be pretty much customised these days. Part of the reason for this rise in individually branded products is the availability of affordable technology that was previously the domain of professionals rather than home users. Software programmes have become easier and cheaper to use to such an extent that being ‘photoshopped’ has now entered the urban dictionary. It’s perhaps not surprising therefore that we are seeing an increasing trend for best men to issue invites to the stag party that are personalised. […]
With the exception of ‘twerking’, there are few things more uncomfortable to sit through than a car crash of a Best Man’s speech. Littered with sexism, innuendo and references to the Groom’s sexual inadequacy, this type of Best Man’s speech is typically delivered under the heavy influence of booze to gasps of disapproval and frantic glances at the top table.   But whilst it’s easy for most to see that mother-in-law gags and sexist anecdotes are best left to Bernard Manning, it’s surprisingly common to hear of occasions where the line of acceptability has been misjudged even by well-intentioned speakers.   Don’t mention the ex “It was all going swimmingly until I mentioned his ex”, recalls Jason Barlow of his […]
As is the often the way, it takes a key influencer to start a trend and in the case of the cufflink this someone happened to be a French royal, King Louis XIV. Not one to shun a bit of pomp, Louis was the Beckham of his day and forerunner of 16th Century fashion. He donned what was known as ‘cuff strings’, two glass buttons attached to a short link chain to hold his ‘Chemise’ – a rather girly loose fitting shirt – in place and keep it closed at the wrist. Being something of a trend setter this novel, yet subtle style innovation caught on, and the hence we have something else to thank the French for in addition […]
Weddings can be an expensive business so allow us to draw your attention to some particular good value best man suits. To the left is a pretty awesome, fitted number – the Shark Skin Suit – that Don Draper himself would be happy to be seen in. But unlike the Mad Man himself you don’t need to go to NYC to get your hands on this sartorial smash, as this, and others around the same price mark are available online at Burton. The History Boys Unknown to us until recently, Burton has a pretty interesting history. Before the Second World War the enterprising efforts of one Montague Burton (what a great name) resulted in such success that his brand clothed […]
Question for you – have you noticed there’s a bit of a trend around zombies lately? Brad Pitt took on the living dead in post-apocalyptic Summer Blockbuster World War Z, the TV series The Walking Dead bagged a Golden Globe en route to its third season, and later this year London will play host to World Zombie Day (October 13 for those that are interested)! Why all the fascination with the undead?!   Social boffins have suggested that the rise of popularity in zombie fodder is related to of all things – the credit crunch. According to Sarah Lauro, a Professor at Clemson (where?!) University suggests: “We are more interested in the zombie at times when as a culture we […]