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Stag Do City Price Guide

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Here at iamthebestman we’re always looking for useful tools to help stag party organisers navigate their way through the vast wilderness of stag do ideas and destinations. Where to go and what to do are amongst the first questions that people ask when charged with the very important task of devising a stag party to end all stag parties so it would be quite useful to have a stag do city price guide right? Look no further…


Plymouth  Rocks?

Here’s one tool that can contribute to narrowing down the field in the event that budget is a concern for you and the stag party – Sainsbury’s UK City Breaks Guide. Amongst other things this handy little infographic compares the cost of a cab to the price of a beer by UK city. Unsurprisingly London is the most expensive, particularly for hotels and taxis which is not surprising. What’s more interesting is the lower end of the scale. The most affordable place to get around and drink booze is the fair city of Plymouth. A pint is less than half the price of our nations capital whilst 5km in a cab offers even greater savings coming in at just over £3.00 compared to the eye watering £12.50 you’d pay to a London cabbie.


How about Liverpool?

If Plymouth is a little too far afield then Liverpool is the other major city that catches the eye. Home to the famous scouse wit, music’s biggest band of all time and Jimmy Tarbuck, Liverpool boasts an array of night time treats at affordable prices. Mix it up at the Cavern Club where a pint is a more affordable £2.50, drop by the Laughterhouse for a night of stand-up for £15 and party the night away at Reflex for a nostalgic trip back to the ‘80s.


Compare Stag Do Prices

Of course if you want to save even more readies then check out our stag do price comparison engine that allows you to compare different activities and stag do packages from the UKs leading providers.


Stag Do City Price Guide



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