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Medieval Banquet Stag Do

The Medieval Banquet Experience

With plenty of food, fun and drink who wouldn’t want to relive the glorious days of old when men were Knights and women were wenches! A Medieval Banquet Stag Do may not be the most active or have many adrenaline highs, but you cant go wrong, with food, drink and entertainment!

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Locations Offering Medieval Banquet Stag Packages

Medieval Banquet Packages in London

  • Medieval English Banquet with unlimited wine & beer, entertainment and disco
  • Nightclub Entry
Eat and drink like kings of old, being served by some buxom wenches while knights do battle and jesters amuse! A night out with a difference!

Medieval Banquet Packages in Riga

  • Escape Dungeon Room
  • Medieval Banquet
  • Nightclub Entry
Once you've indulged in a delicious Medieval banquet and escaped the fated dungeon room, this package will get you entry into one of Riga's top nightclubs.