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The cheapest stag do destination to get a pint

Best man articles — By on September 11, 2015 8:28 am

Where’s the cheapest stag do destination? A common question and not always as straightforward as it sounds to answer when you factor in flights, accommodation and all the rest of it. A more simplistic method is to measure it by beer! Yup, how much is a pint in Barcelona vs Berlin? Or Bristol vs Belfast?

Well, the answer is here in the shape of a couple of nifty infographics brought to you by expert stag do party planners The Stag Company who have kindly researched the price of booze across Britain and the EU taking the hard yards (if you’ll excuse the pun) out of researching the cheapest stag do destination for the likes of you and I. Handily they’ve also thrown in some additional food and sport venue suggestions for good measure (another pun, I’m sorry).

You’ll find all the important information you need on top party cities in the UK, including the key factors to take into account below.


Cheapest cheapest stag do destination for beer

A stag do without beer is like catching your dad wearing nothing but fishnets and a rubber balaclava. It’s just wrong. The beer map can help you avoid this first scenario, and anesthetize yourself against the memory of the second, by showing you the best places to get a cold one, city by city.

Find out the cheapest cheapest stag do destination in the UK for a pint, and where to get the best craft beers and real ales. There’s even a heads up where to find the best beer gardens in each city for those looking to get some lovely British sun (optimistic though that might be).


Awesome food places to soak up the booze

As little as some might like to admit it, there will be a point in the trip when you’re going to need to eat something. There’s no reason this can’t be combined with lots more beer however, so the map also highlights the best spots to get beer and grub.

And for the morning after, when everyone is feeling like death and Mad Dave is threatening to do another full day of drinking without food, there’s even a list of the best places in each city to get a hangover breakfast.


Sweet spots for sport on your stag do

You’ve found the beer and you won’t die of malnutrition … the holy trinity of the stag do needs just one more ingredient: sport. Whether football is your thing or you’re a rugby lover, whiling away a few hours in the pub watching a match is a welcome addition to any stag. Fortunately, the map will point you in the direction of the best sports bars in the city as well. Hallelujah.


Shocker: Booze is cheaper on the continent

If you’re looking to find the cheapest stag do destination, you now have this sewn up. But what if you’re planning on travelling further afield?

Do not fear. The Stag Company has created a second map – one of Europe – which will show you the cheapest cities on the continent for a pint.

As you might expect, the map reveals some uncomfortable truths about the beer prices here in the UK… namely that we are being fleeced. The Bratislavans, by comparison, are laughing, with the cost of a beer there chalked up at an enviable 88p per pint.

It’s not all bad news however – Parisians have to stump up an eye-watering £5.84. Ha.

heapest cheapest stag do destination

heapest cheapest stag do destination in EuropeFeatured image courtesy of BEER SHAMPOO” Print Ad by Fortune Advertising


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