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How to deliver a best mans speech | Your complete step by step video course

How to Deliver a Best Man Speech Course | How to Develop your Muscle Memory | [VIDEO 8 of 30]

Let me ask you a question. Have you read your speech out loud yet? You may have read and re-read it in your mind but have you actually said it out loud? In my experience, it’s not uncommon for people to actually say it out loud for the first time on the day of the speech itself. In my opinion this is is too late. The reason it’s too late is because it often sounds very different when spoken publically than in your mind alone. The pronunciation of words is easier to say in your internal voice than your external. Word combinations that look fine on paper, can actually turn out to be tongue twisters in practice.

So the first step in developing your muscle memory is to recite the whole thing. From start to finish. Now, this is going to feel a bit weird at first. I’ve done this many times over and it still feels kind of odd. But it really is useful and chances are some things don’t quite sound as well as you thought they might and you’ll need to make a few corrections here and there. Make the corrections, and then, recite from start to finish again You know what I’m going to say now don’t you? Again. And again. And again.

There are no tricks here. No magic formulas or genius mnemonic memory tricks to help you. This is plain and simple hard work. This is what I was talking about earlier. Now, I know you might be thinking this sounds like a pain in the ass. You’re busy right? You got better things to do. Think of it like this. If you were going into sporting contest you’d train, right? This is the same. This is your gym work. This is the bit that requires hard work and mental strength. But, just like building a muscle, you will reap the rewards later. Once you’ve done this and imprinted the speech on your mind we can then look to develop the skills that are really going to make you shine.