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How to deliver a best mans speech | Your complete step by step video course

How to Deliver a Best Man Speech Course | What is Muscle Memory and Why is it Important? | [VIDEO 7 of 30]

Part of the reason people can get tongue-tied when speaking to an audience is that they’re not entirely sure what’s coming next. They may know roughly but not exactly. In these circumstances, the fear of tripping up can cause even further anxiety and then it becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy. You think you’re going to trip up and then you actually do. Having a strong muscle memory prevents this from happening.

If you’ve developed strong muscle memory then the very worst that can happen, if that fear I was talking about earlier comes along, you’ll always be able to recite your speech. So your muscle memory is your auto-pilot. It’s the keeping the car on the road, it’s your safety net. Having that to fall back on, whilst hard work to attain will give you peace of mind.