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Newcastle Stag Do Ideas City Guide

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Where to go out for a Stag do in Newcastle?

Made famous by Geordie Shore, Gazza and the Angel of the North – the sculpture that is, not Susan Boyle – Newcastle has a reputation for fun, frivolity and er friskiness making it one of the top 10 destinations for stag dos in the UK. But if you’re not a local reality star like Gary “I should have a degree in pulling women” Beadle or the more modest Holly “I’m fit, I’m flirty and I’ve got double Fs” Hagan how do you know where to go out?

This is where Iamthebestman come in. We’ve gone out on the town, chatted to the locals and produced a comprehensive guide with the specific aim of giving best men everywhere the best ideas for a stag do in Newcastle. So read on for the inside track on a champion neet-oot man.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that if you’d prefer to take the hassle out of planning there are some very good Newcastle Stag Weekend packages on the market that you can buy for a single price. They’re good in that they guarantee entry in to pubs/ clubs/ casinos/ lapdancing joints and also have options where other stag do activities like casinos, go karting and such like are thrown in. To compare prices for Newcastle Stag Packages then click on the link and see if any tickle your fancy. If you prefer to go the DIY route, then read on!

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Brief Guide

Like most cities Newcastle has a number of different areas to go out in, and luckily, unlike London or Manchester, you can get between most of them really easily, either by walking or a short cab ride which makes it a top destination for a stag do.

There are broadly speaking four areas of Toon (sorry) that you might want to take in for a stag do in Newcastle: The Diamond Strip, Quayside, The Gate and the Bigg Market.  Allow us to explain:

The Diamond Strip

Newcastle’s central street of bars running primarily along one road – Collingwood Street – just to the east of the Central Station. This is the most trendy part of Toon (we’ll stop now) made famous by amongst others those glowing Geordie Shore people, and of course Chezza. Here the clientele tend to be a little more sophisticated, on trend and dare we say body conscious. It’s more expensive to drink but the place to be seen.


The Quayside is a bit more laid back and a particularly great place for drinks if the weather’s good as it’s based on the river by the famous Gateshead Mileninium Bridge. By night it tends to be a little cheaper than The Diamond Strip and is more stag/ hen friendly.

The Gate

The Gate is a giant glass complex in the middle of Newcastle that has a bunch of ‘leisure facilities’ all under one roof including bars, restaurants, a casino, cinema and clubs, which pretty handy if the weather’s nippy. The crowd are a little younger and it tends to get busy late on owing to the draw of the six clubs in one Tiger Tiger.

Bigg Market

Seems to have lost a bit of its popularity in recent years and has developed a bit of a reputation as a cheaper version of The Diamond Strip. On the plus side the drinks are cheaper and it is home to the world’s hottest curry which has got to be worth considering for a stag vs. food challenge!

Newcastle Stag Do Destinations

The Four Main Areas of Newcastle


The Diamond Strip

Still the destination area of Newcastle, the Diamond Strip is the place to see and be seen. Careful then all ye stags as the high fluting marketeers want to keep this place chic and unique so as much as we love a good stag do costume here at iamthebestman, we don’t recommend them for a night out on ‘the strip’ unless you want to give a good number of bouncers the satisfaction of saying ‘not tonight lads’. Instead, dress to impress, break the group up between venues and head to one of the following places for your Newcastle stag night out.

Always worth a look is Revolution. This particular branch of vodka specialists has been a mainstay of the Diamond strip for over 10 years and continues to remain popular. The building itself is particularly impressive boasting huge pillars, ornate ceilings and rather splendid décor but don’t expect much in the way of service particular if you choose to eat there.  You know the deal here.  Flavoured vodkas of every kind are the speciality as with every stag do that ventures on a Revolution we recommend the stick of ten including chilli vodka. The stag will be out of action for about 20 minutes but their humiliation is everyone else’s amusement right?!

Revolution Newcastle

Other popular venues in this area are Madame Koos, an underground themed bar, named after its hip Japanese namesake popular for cocktails (and therefore hens) as well as Floritas . Floritas, or Florita’s Miami Bar to give it, its full title is going for a Miami Vice vibe which you and the boys might want to play on, albeit with the health warning that stag dos here need to be a little more subtle.

Also popular along the strip are Perdu – a modern and contemporary dimly lit hangout – and Bijoux Bar, one of the new recruits decked out in a boudoir design with a surprisingly decent list of beers. Other places cut from the same (upmarket, cool kid) cloth include Ohso, The Cut and the newest kid on the block The House of Smith. For those wanting to emulate DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby this is the place for you, as they’ve gone down the glamorous ballroom party route here. The ladies love it so the stag might too.

If you’re planning a Newcastle stag do in the summer then Tokyo is worth a look as it has a rooftop beer garden. It’s not particularly cheap but then nowhere is along the Diamond Strip and finally if you’re thinking of clubbing proper i.e. where people make boxes and such like when dancing, then The Tup Tup Palace is probably your best bet.



Despite being overtaken by The Diamond Strip in recent years as the place to go, we think Quayside has an awful lot to offer and is the best place for a Newcastle Stag do. Why? It’s more relaxed, it’s cheaper and the venues are more stag friendly so you can have a laugh without being overly concerned about door policy. Furthermore, if you go in Summer you get to have a good ol’ session by the river. Where to go then? Read on for top Newcastle stag do ideas.

The King of Quayside in terms of view has to be the Pitcher & Piano. Don’t be put off by its chain pub reputation because as Phil Spencer would say it’s all about Location, Location, Location. We don’t recommend you go there for food as the service can be a bit slow and there are better value places about but it can’t be beaten for its stunning vista through an impressive large glass frontage. Definitely worth a pint.

Flynns Bar is another option for your stag night in Newcastle. It’s not the prettiest and is frankly a little tacky but what it lacks in aesthetic and class it makes up in cheap booze and a relaxed approach to stag parties. Made up of three floors this venue has screens to watch sport and live music if you happen to be there on a Thursday. Popular with students and stag parties alike it’s pretty lively and also well known for its breakfasts!

A classier affair can be found at The Broad Chare. Made up of wood floors, chesterfield seating and exposed brick this place is a relaxed environment where they serve real ale and pretty fine food. Go here for a more sedate affair.


Brewdog’s rather leathal Paradox – a cool 10%!

For the uninitiated Brew Dog is a chain of pubs that produce their own beers that come in various varieties and strengths, going all the way up to a head splitting 10% – a whisky cask aged stout called Paradox if you’re interested. This particular branch opened in 2012 and is a large industrial styled space on Dean Street which is about a 10 minute walk from Quayside proper. You don’t get views of the Tyne here but if you want an array of beerery to force on the stag and friendly staff, The Brew Dog is a good option.


All roads in Quayside lead to Chase – well Queen Street anyway. Why? Because Chase actively encourage stag do and hen dos! You won’t find any snotty door policy at this establishment chaps, hell no! Because the good people at Chase realised what many a sage proprietor has known for years – stag dos are good for business! Here you can buy packages that include your own VIP box, bucket deals, hostesses, fishbowls, magicians – the lot! Not to be overlooked on any stag do to Newcastle.

Another stag do friendly bar in Newcastle is The Quilted Camel. As with Chase there are stag do packages available. Part of the group that is responsible for Fluid this bar is known in some quarters as a ‘trebles bar’. What’s that you may ask? Basically, it’s cheaper to buy a treble than either a single or double! Who ever said Britain doesn’t drink responsibly?!

Victoria 22, like The Quilted Camel is another trebles bar offering a vodka x 3 for little more than Big Mac (others include Label in the Bigg Market and Players Sports Bar in the Gate). It’s pretty spacious, has plentiful seating and rather stylish inside.

Places to eat around Quayside include The Redhouse for pie & mash, The Oak for hearty meat dishes or Las Iguanas for a bit of Mexican action.

Save on your Newcastle Stag Do

You're familar with price comparison sites right? We bring together all the stag do packages from the country's leading providers so you can compare price and get the best deal.


The Gate

Want to know why The Gate is called The Gate? The rather dull answer is because it’s on Newgate Street. We would say geddit, but wouldn’t want to insult your intelligence. What is more intelligent however is the concept – an array of bars and restaurants as well as a cinema and casino all under one, centrally heated, roof. This is the brainchild of some enterprising fellows who, we suspect, thought it can get a bit chilly in Newcastle. Of course many a canny local may disagree judging from some of the outfits you see (or rather don’t) in this fine city but they must have been on to something because £80 million later this three floor venue is a bustling entertainment centre.

One final bit of trivia for you before we give you a run down as to which of the 19 venues inside are worth a look – The Gate was awarded, wait for it…’Loo of the Year’ by none other than the British Toilet Association. Yes, we kid you not the BTA, as they’re otherwise known, actually exist under the strapline – “Campaigning for better public toilets for all.” Under the membership section of their website they proudly proclaim: “By becoming a member of the British Toilet Association you will be joining the campaign to raise standards of all ‘away from home’ toilets. You’ll find yourself in good company.” Unbelievable! Anyway, without further a-loo (dreadful, just dreadful) here’s the run down:

Beyond Bar and Grill is a rather stylish establishment comprising of modern décor over two floors. The music generated by DJ Wiggy on a Saturday night – no relation to the mod cycling supermo as far as we’re aware – goes on late and the drinks are reasonably priced. But one of the best things about this joint is their offer on till 1pm daily– a bacon butty for a quid! What a great deal!

Lloyds No 1 is not great to be honest. But as you might expect from a pub created by the team who make Bargain Booze look pricey – JD Weatherspoon – this is not a bad place to kick things off if you’re looking for a couple of cheap rounds.

The place to be if you’re looking for a cheesy stag night in Newcastle is Sam Jacks! Look no further as there is not only a rodeo bull but a tribute to the class of ’96 and Newcastle’s most famous son – the dentist chair…on stage! Oh yes, you can request that the stag is fed booze direct from the bottle by a scantily dressed hottie before being spun round in circles! This would be worth the entry price alone if there were one as this is some feat! This 1,000 strong capacity venue not only welcomes stag and hen dos, they positively encourage them!

Perhaps the best place to end up for your stag do in at the Gate is Tiger Tiger. Needless to say you get the scale of the place upon hearing it has six different themed rooms (including the restaurant) all under one roof! Briefly, the six are: a half decent ‘fusion’ restaurant called ‘Tiger Restaurant’ (one of the less original names that one); ‘Jewel bar’, a blinging ode to an imaginary footballers front room; Kanaloa (not to be confused with the breakfast cereal commonly eaten with yogurt), a Summer themed bar taking design influence from Indonesia; The White Room, a lavish Ibiza inspired space for people who like to make virtual boxes; ‘Lucky Voice’, a karoke cocktail bar (loads of hens in here) including four pods and finally, and best of all in our view ‘Groovy Wonderland’ a disco extravaganza complete with afros, multi coloured lit dance floor and girls on roller skates! Phew, that was a long sentence! It’s not the cheapest place in town and there is an entry charge after 10pm (£5 on a Friday and £7 on a Saturday) but it’s darn good fun.

The final place to mention if you fancy a stag do in the Gate is Aspers Casino. Not least because it’s open 24/7 and the membership free! If you’re interested in the casino you might want to consider the Newcastle High Rollers Stag Weekend Package put together by The Stag Company which offers two nights accommodation, go-karting, pre-paid lap dancing entry, guest list entry to Sam Jacks and Friday and Saturday night entry to a club! Not bad value either! The other company to consider here is Freedom Ltd who offer a similarly good line in Newcastle stag do packages that are reasonably priced and customisable to your group.


Bigg Market

Okay, we’re going to be frank with you here, the Bigg Market’s not great. It’s seen better days and a tad chav like so we’re only going to make a single recommendation for this part of Toon – Rupali. It is something of a local institution having been serving the good folk of this fine city for over three decades but it is perhaps something other than heritage that gives The Rupali its reputation as a must visit restaurant for every stag do – the Curry Hell – reportedly ‘the world’s hottest curry’! Now if that’s not a good reason to put the stag through his paces then we’re all out of ideas here at iamthebestman!

An attempt on ‘the Curry Hell’

Newcastle Stag Activities


Newcastle Stag Do Activity: NorthEastBubbleSoccer - "Unbelievable Jeff"

Newcastle Stag Do Activity: NorthEastBubbleFootball – “Unbelievable Jeff”

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose between a sport you know will go down well with the boys, like football, and something a bit more out there. Well, it turns out that some bright spark has had the same thought and invented a whole new game. Enter BubbleSoccer, the new kid on the block and one that’s proving one of the most popular stag do ideas in the country right now. Curious? Think conventional 5-aside football mixed with a full on pillow fight and you’ll go some way to imagining this new slapstick sport!

Pull on a ‘soccer suit’ and you’ll wonder if you’re playing bumper cars, football or both. Quick to seize the opportunity in the Newcastle area are Bubble Soccer North East who offer a range of packages starting from £15 per person. Conveniently, they bring the game to you by setting up in a nearby venue which by all accounts is appreciated after a night on the sauce. If this one floats your boat then you can enquire via all the usual channels listed on the website or if you want a direct line through to their affable gaffer Stephen, his direct line is 07702709933. There’s a bunch of user experience testimonies and smartphone footage on their Bubble Soccer North East Facebook Page.

The Dogs

Gambling and stag dos are like fish and chips or Elton and David – they go hand in hand. Look no further then, as Newcastle is blessed with its very own greyhound racing stadium called er Newcastle Greyhound Stadium! Located about 10 minutes from the centre these guys offer packages for stag and hen dos at a very reasonable price. If you want to compare prices of the different Newcastle stag do packages for greyhound racing including accommodation and night club entry you can do so by going to the link above or clicking on stag do ideas.


You don’t have to travel too far out of town in Newcastle to go painballing. Turbo Venture is located less than a mile away from the train station and can be reached on foot in about quarter of an hour. They’re offering 100 paintballs for £15.

Go Ballistic is a 200 acre mecca dedicated to madcap paintball madness! These guys are further out of the centre than Turbo Venture (14 miles) but kindly offer to repay a cab ride in paintballs at a rate of 100 balls per £6 fare – not bad! As with the other activities if you’re more interested in package including accommodation and such like click on our Newcastle Paintball Stag do price comparison for all the details.


There are a couple of decent comedy venues in Newcastle which are good for stag dos – The Stand and Hyena.

The Hyena is central, about a five minute walk north for the Gate and not far from St. James Park (Leazes Lane, just off Percy Street). It costs £11 on Fridays, £12 on a Saturday and typically has three acts. It caters for larger audiences so if there are loads of you, this might be the better option.

The Stand is a little more intimate than the Hyena, has an outside decking area if you happen to be there in Summer and on balance is the better of the two in our view. It’s also closer to the Diamond Strip and Quayside than Hyena. They both do packages themselves but if you want accommodation and all manner of other stuff thrown in as well then check out the comedy packages in Newcastle offered by those crazy kids at The Stag Company.


Well, t-t-that’s all folks!

As those Looney Tunes would say! We hope you found this guide useful and if you do go to Newcastle on your stag do, be sure to let us know how you get on. We’re always interested so we can help the next best man.

Save on your Newcastle Stag Do

You're familar with price comparison sites right? We bring together all the stag do packages from the country's leading providers so you can compare price and get the best deal.


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