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Prague Stag Do Ideas City Guide

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PraguePeople like to name cities don’t they? The Big Apple. The City of Angels. The Windy City. There obviously wasn’t much consensus in the case of Prague as it ended up with three: The City of a Hundred Spires (not particularly catchy), The Golden City (sounds like it could be Bangkok) and The Mother of Cities (Hmmm). Personally, we think a better option should be ‘The City of Stags’ because it ticks just about every box there is for an awesome stag weekend away.

The Czech List

Good beer? Check. Amazing looking girls? Check. Good value? Open late? Relaxed policy on stag parties? Check, check, check. Strip clubs and gambling? You get the picture! With flights, accommodation and activities all affordable, its little wonder that a stag do Prague has become one of the most popular stag do destinations of the modern era. But where to go? And what to do? Stick with us and we’ll cut to the chase by giving you the definitive Prague Stag Do Ideas City Guide.


It’s worth mentioning at this point that if you’d prefer to take the hassle out of planning, there are some very good Prague Stag Weekend Packages on the market that you can buy at a single price per person. They’re good in that they guarantee entry in to pubs/ clubs/ casinos/ lapdancing joints and also have options where other stag do activities like shooting an AK-47, go karting and such like are thrown in. To compare prices for Prague Stag Packages then click on the link and see if any tickle your fancy. If you prefer to go the DIY route, then read on!

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General Information for Prague Stag Weekends

Before we get in to the bars and strip clubs, a few bits and pieces of information that we think are relevant and good to know before you get there.

  • Czech Beer Prague can get pretty damn cold in the winter months. Of course it’s all geared up for these frosty conditions but be aware it regularly drops below freezing in January/ February.
  • The strength of beer is measured differently from the percentages that you’ll be familiar. Instead, they use degrees. A 10 degree beer is the equivalent of 4.5%, and 12 degrees, 6.5%.
  • Like Britain, the Czech Republic are not part of the Euro and use the Czech crown  or Koruna. Banknotes come in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000CZK. £1 is about 30CZK which means you can walk around with a wad of notes and feel like a millionaire by withdrawing a few hundred quid.
  • By law you have to carry ID on you at all times, so keep your driver’s licence or some other form of ID on you when out and about. Take your passport if you’re confident you won’t lose it in a drunken stupor. That rules out 95% of readers we suspect!
  • Tabs are commonplace for stag parties. This can take the hassle out of rounds, and come in handy if you and guys plan to spend a bit of time in one place (watching a footy game for example). Be aware that one person will need to settle up however, and on occasion if there is a change of shift you sometimes need to pay there and then.
  • Whilst ‘optional’ tipping is largely not practiced it is normal to round up the bill to the next 10CZK in pubs, cafés and restaurants.
  • Although not all that common we have heard stories of local chancers claiming to be plain clothes policemen on the hunt for counterfeit money. These jokers approach tourists and ask to see their money. Low and behold on checking their wallets afterwards, a bunch of money has been taken. You have to be pretty ballsy to do this to a stag party but we thought we’d make you aware nonetheless.
  • Hopefully you won’t need it, but if you do, A&E is free to all visitors.

Getting from the Airport

Václav Havel Airport is about 8 miles or 12 kilometers from the centre of Prague. In truth, getting from the airport to the city using public transport is a bit of a faff, as you have to get a bus and then the metro, and it takes about an hour. In our view, you’re better off getting a cab. They’re affordable, take you to the door and cut the journey in half. Anyway, here’s both options so you can decide for yourself.


The bus will cost you about 30CZK (about £1) if you have a ticket (purchase one from the Public Transport desk at the airport) or 40CZK (about £1.20) if you purchase a ticket from the bus driver – be aware you will need the exact change.

If you want to take the bus there are two options, which in either case, transfer to the Metro in order to get you to the centre:

  1. Route 1: Bus 119 runs approximately every 15 minutes 4:30am to 11:30pm between the airport and the green line Metro station Dejvicka (20 min);
  2. Route 2: Bus 100 that goes to the yellow line Metro station Zlicin (15 min).

Private Shuttle Bus

Another option is to take a shuttle or pre-book a private transfer. If this appeals Cedaz Mini Buses, which you will find parked outside the arrivals foyer run every 30 minutes ( or as soon as they fill up) from 05:30am to 9:30pm between the airport and Namesti Republiky (30min). Tickets can be bought from a driver for 150CZK (about £4.50 per person).


Finally, if you’re feeling flush, a mini bus or private taxi works out about £6 per person. These can be booked in advance from Prague Airport Transfers, or there are plenty on hand when you get there.



The City Layout

Like a lot of cities, Prague has a number of different neighbourhoods or districts. In total there are ten, which rather helpfully for tourists are labelled District 1 – 10 on a map, albeit they also have Czech names. In reality, unless you’re a stag party who wants to get off the beaten track, most people tend to stay in the city centre which is comprised of four main areas on either side of Prague’s central river, The Vltava.

On one side you’ve got the Old Town (Stare Mesto) with the Old Town Square. The buildings in this part of the city date back to the 13th Century so deserve some respect in our view. Here you’ll find a few well known attractions including the Charles Bridge. Then you have the New Town (Nove Mesto) with Wenceslas Square; and, the Jewish Quarter (Josefov). On the other side: the Lesser Quarter (Mala Strana) which leads up to Prague Castle.

Prague City Map

Prague City Layout


Where to Stay for a Stag Party in Prague

In our experience, the most commonly held requirement for stag do accommodation in Prague is something cheap, cheerful and centrally located. With that in mind we’ve drawn up a short list of places below that fit this bill. If you’re looking for something a bit different then try our Stag Do Concierge Service who can give you further information or see the suggestions to the right. Bear in mind that many people end up in one of two clubs on a stag do in Prague – Lavka and Karlovy Lazne – and both are near the Charles Bridge. Useful information if you’re looking to stumble home. Based on our knowledge, here’s a few recommendations for you:

The Cloister Inn, PragueThe Hotel Cloister Inn doesn’t look much from the outside, not least because it’s got bars on the windows, but don’t let that put off, as its modern and accommodating inside, owing to an upgrade a few years ago. It’s in a great location, only a few brisk minutes from the Old Town. Recommended.

The Residence Leon D’Oro is nice all round. Large, tastefully decorated rooms and only ten minutes from the Charles Bridge. A comfortable place to spend time. Wifi is included. Popular over the years as a place to stay for Prague stag weekends this comes recommended.

The Pension Alabastr is a bit like a French Bulldog, it won’t win any beauty awards but is solid and dependable. Its all about Location, Location, Location with the Alabastr. Set amongst bars and cafes, it’s in a buzzy little part of town and is only a short walk from Wenceslas Square. Decent price too.


chopin-hotel-pragueWe’ve thrown in The Chopin Hotel because they sometimes offer deals for larger bookings and are a standard stag offering inasmuch as it’s a Travel Lodge type of an affair. Lots of rooms. Clean. Close to the centre. Jobs a goodun.


A decent economy option is The Pension Tara which is big (40 or so rooms) and centrally located, if a little basic. No frills, no fuss, low cost. If you’re looking for somewhere to rest your head at the end of a long days partying, this’ll do the job just fine.

The Hotel Betlem Club has got character and is in a cracking location too. They have a good number of rooms, in all shapes and sizes so can accommodate to most stag party requirements. Its also reasonably priced. Ticks a lot of boxes all round this one.


Prague Stag Do Activities

Two principle reasons behind Prague’s popularity with stag dos over the years are girls and guns! The Czechs have a somewhat liberal approach to both categories, and as such, stag do activities in Prague can offer up options that aren’t available in the UK, or other parts of Western Europe for that matter. Specifically you can fire AK-47s, watch jelly wrestling babes or take a river cruise with a difference! It’s all in a stag weekends work for the good people of Prague. So, here are a few to consider.

AK47 Prague Stag DoShooting. An AJ-47. A magazine of bullets. A target. Need we say more than that?! If you want to re-enact Arnie taking on the Predator then look no further than this Prague shooting daytime activity! You can do this as a day time activity or, alternatively if you fancy wrapping it up in to a Shoot um up weekender that includes accommodation, transfers, a bar crawl and lapdancing entry then check out the link.

Oil, jelly or mud wrestling? You decide which of these lubricious substances are used when two strippers get in to an oversized paddling pool to have a rumble! In this, one of the best Prague stag activities, the groom-to-be also gets involved. A far more compelling proposition than the one put forward by Axel Rose in G&R’s 1990’s rock classic ‘Get in the Ring’ we’re quite sure. Again there options to buy this as part of a Prague oil wrestling stag do package or individually.

Fancy seeing the beautiful city of Prague from a riverside cruise? Not fussed? How about if a stripper is onboard?! If that floats your boat (pardon the pun) then the Aye Aye Captain Strip Cruise might be one of the Prague stag activities for you!

Aside from gun slinging and naked ladies, there are of course an array of other stag do activities in Prague. There’s bob sleighing up in the hills which is good for clearing a hangover, trusted favourites of go karting, paintballing and clay pigeon shooting in addition to white water rafting if you’re feeling adventurous. For others, including gambling check out our price comparison of Prague Stag Weekend Packages.



Okay, let’s get to the heart of the matter – where’s good to go boozing on a stag do in Prague? Now, as with every city there are lots of options, and where you go depends on what you want. Are you looking for a quiet pub to have a few in the day? Or do you want a proper session?! To help you out we’ve come up with a few different sections below – one for sociable drinking, one for stag friendly venues and also one for clubs. Okay, let’s kick off…

Sociable Drinking Venues

The pubs in this section are all traditionally Czech. By that, we mean sociably busy, smoky, dark-wooded pubs that serve locally brewed beers and reasonably priced, traditional Czech food. They’re very homely and in the cold weather are welcoming beacons of warmth! A number of them have history dating back decades, and in some instances centuries, so they have a well worn, characterful feel to them and valued by locals as a place to meet. There are a lot out there but for what its worth, here’s our pick of the best for a Prague stag do:

View Prague Stag Do Guide in a larger map
U Pinkasů. A bit of trivia about this boozer – it was the first ever Pilsner pub. There’s five different rooms in Pinkasu including a dining hall that, amongst other things serves up leg of hare (tastes like chicken). A really good hang out, and well suited to an all-day sesh if you’re so inclined. Sit back and relax.

U Fleků. A popular pub, and plenty of seating that, like U Pinkasu, lends itself to a good old session. They’ve been brewing beer here for centuries and is as famous in Prague as the Rovers Return is in Manchester.

Novoměstský Pivovar

You will never hear ‘Sorry mate, it’s off” in Novoměstský Pivovar

Baráčnická rychta is a traditional Czech boozer with lots of dark wood. Locals like to hang out here and enjoy, amongst other things, goulash and pork sparrow. The service is borderline shocking but the beerhall makes up for it.

Novoměstský Pivovar. This place is what those in the know call a ‘brewpub’ – a concept that combines a microbrewery with a pub. In other words they brew their own beer on site. Its popular, so is not hidden, but a gem nonetheless.

U Medvídků is a wonderful pub. These guys have been serving up beer in this very establishment for over 500 years! Speak to anyone who’s been here and you’re likely to hear them wax lyrical about the Budvar.


U Černého vola

What better place to go drinking than U Černého vola?

U Černého vola – aka The Black Ox. What a splendid pub this is! Authentic, rustic and characterful, it is highly regarded in Prague for its quality of draft beer. Two things to be aware of before visiting this pub. It’s a neighbourhood boozer frequented by locals so you need to be respectful. Second, it’s pretty small and seats are at a premium so this is probably suitable for more modest stag parties.

Finally, try U Provaznice if you want a popular drinking establishment but nicely understated. Good prices, great beer and hearty food. Settle in and relax!

Stag Friendly Venues in Prague

The places listed below welcome stag dos, cater for larger groups and tend to have a party vibe in the evenings when the crowd are suitably lubricated with local or imported brews! The food at a lot of these places is surprisingly good given that they have to cater for larger parties, and many of them will show sport so you can combine the two if you so wish. As you’ll see, a good number are English/Irish in their styling and theme which means so too are the majority of patrons. These venues are great fun, open late and all centrally located. Read on for more detail.


Rocky O’Reillys. A popular Irish bar just off Wenceslas Square with a roaring fire in the winter months and live UK sporting events shown throughout the day. There are two rooms, one for smokers, one for non-smokers, with a design that takes influence from the dark wood interior of traditional Czech pubs. The food is surprisingly good and a welcome break from goulash and dumplings!

Caffreys Irish Bar. Modernised not so long ago, Caffreys is a welcoming, friendly pub popular with stag and hen dos in Prague. There’s plenty of screens to watch Sky Sports and in the Summer months they open a terrace at the front of the pub that looks out on to the Old Town Square.

The George & Dragon

Look’s like the crowd took ‘the arise’ comment a bit too literally…

There’s no other way to describe the George and Dragon other than an honest to goodness British boozer. It’s patriotic, lively and good for those who like a party atmosphere. Kitted out with projector screens the size of a modest cinema, this is the place to visit if there’s a game on. Food wise, you’ll not want for a taste of home here! Cod and chips, bangers and mash and a full English are all staples on the G&D menu.


The James Joyce, once called Mollie Malones, prides itself on a welcoming atmosphere and laid back vibe. The interior is nicely done and probably the most authentic of all the Irish bars in Prague. Its not as easy to find as some of the other bars but is central nonetheless, five minutes from Old Town Square. If you’re a Guinness fan and you fancy a pint, this is probably the best place in the City to get one.

The Dubliner is possibly, the place in Prague to watch sport. Located just off Old Town Square in the Tyn Courtyard, The Dubliner, formerly known as Legends Sport Bar is a must call in at some point during a weekend. DJs get the party started on a Friday and Saturday night and do a good job in getting people in to the mood.

Harley’s Bar is named on account of the long standing association between the iconic Harley Davidson bike and rock music (man). Here, the owners claim to offer ‘the coolest hell on earth’! In reality it will be a disappointment to any bonafide metal head as it caters for a wider audience in its crowd pleasing rock anthems. Good food, fun and stag friendly. Check out the below vid for a taste of what to expect.

The only Irish bar on the Mala Strana side of Charles Bridge, JJ Murphys is an affable, stag friendly Irish pub with a range of local and imported drinks. The staff are very welcoming and the food is pretty good too. A decent option if you’re on this side of town.


Pub Crawls

There are lots of pre-packed pub crawls that include a local guide, drinks and in some cases a t-shirt. The benefit of this approach is that you get resident knowledge and it takes the map reading out of the equation. If that’s of interest, then a number of the different stag providers such as Freedom Ltd or the Stag Company have some good options in this market.

Alternatively, if you just want to do it yourself, then we have two suggested routes for you.  The big mistake in our experience with pub crawls, is being overly ambitious and trying to pack too many in to a short space of time. Our approach is to go with four or five and take some food on board along the way so it becomes a slow gradual drunkenness rather than a vomit inducing sprint. With that in mind here’s our recommendation for a Prague stag do pub crawl.


The Tankovna Trial

All four pubs on this route have one very important thing in common – they are what Prague refers to as ‘Tank Pubs’ or ‘tankovna’ to be more precise. What’s a tankovna we hear you ask? In short, tank beer is a way of serving lager that preserves its freshness because it is not sterilised at high temperatures. All breweries will undertake pasteurisation by flash boiling the brew in order to kill off any nasties before export, but this being Prague, a place where beer is cheaper than (bottled) water, there’s no need, as the locals can get through a batch quicker than it has time to go off! The result is a fresher, purer flavour which has been enjoyed by local patrons for years.

All four of the pubs on this route are Pilsner Urquell tankova and have also have a traditional beer hall feel which is ideal for a group. The first three close at 23:00, the last at 04:00. Depending on what time you start the pub crawl, you might want to have lunch at the first, and dinner in the second or third. That’s if you don’t think eating is cheating!

  1.  Malostranská pivnice
  2. U Rudolfina
  3. U Zeleného Stromu
  4. U Pinkasu


The Royal Route

This pub crawl has noble connatations as it follows the same path taken by Royalty when travelling to Prague Castle. Called the Kings Way, it takes you and your stag party from the Castle, through Mala Strana and over the Charles Bridge in the Old Town. From here you could go to one of the stag friendly pubs like Caffrey’s or The George and Dragon which’ll be getting lively as the night goes on, a club or indeed a strip joint.

  1. U Cerného Vola
  2. U Sedmi Švábu
  3. U Kocoura
  4. U Glaubicu
  5. Zlaty Strom


Night Clubs

There are two biggies in Prague when it comes to clubbing – Lavka and Karlovy Lazne, both near the Charles Bridge, although personally we prefer Zlaty Strom.

Zlaty Strom. This place is very suitable for a stag do in Prague. Why? It has a pole dancing area with a constant stream of participating girls, four bars, three lounges and a mix of people of various age groups. The vibe is relaxed and fun, and its located near the Charles Bridge/ Old Town Square. Finally, they famously serve a group friendly drink in Zlaty – an eight man mojito. One huge glass, eight straws, on your marks, get set, go!

If you want to take a look around the place, allow the sudo James Bond alike in the below vid take you on a tour. Quite what the significance of the coin is, we’re not quite sure. Roll VT…

Karlovy Lazne. This place is big, make no mistake! Four floors with different styles of music on each level and a built in ice bar no less! Whilst Karlovy Lazne remains popular for a stag party in Prague, we have received mixed reviews of the place. Some report feeling ill at ease and we have heard reports of opportunist thefts from unscrupulous locals. In truth, it seems hen dos are an easier target (on account of handbags) but something to bear in mind nonetheless, as the staff are far from helpful. In our view there are better places to end up but in some instances, big is beautiful, so we’ll leave you to make your own mind up.


Lavka. A better option than Karlovy Lazne, in our view, Klub Lavka, has a bit more class about it. There’s a terrace at the back with spectacular views across the river, which during summer time really comes in to its own. Inside, the music tends to be up to date dance tracks that get a bit harder as the night progresses. One other to mention, that is often of interest to stag parties visiting Prague – the dancers! Girls take turns on the podium and are appreciated by many! Lavka is open till 4am so plenty of time for partying the night away, and a good option for a stag do looking for a club in Prague.

Roxy. If dance is your thing then Roxy could be the one for you. There’s a good balance of locals and tourists so its not all stag dos and has an air of respectability in so far as acts like Faithless and the Sneaker Pimps have played there before. In style, its got a warehouse feel to it on account of its large open space and slightly worn look interior.


Strip Clubs

Prague, as you’ll probably be aware, is well known for its sizable adult industry. After years of repression under communist rule, the good people of the Czech Republic, fought back and demanded more nudity! As such, strip clubs in Prague are common place and popular with stag dos. It would be fair to say that compared to the UK they tend to be more liberal, and in truth a number are brothels with strip-floor shows.


A couple of things to bear in mind before you go in. Most will charge an entrance fee of between 300 – 600 CZK, but you can get deals if you can get a promotional leaflet from locals or hotels. The drinks when you’re in there are unsurprisingly more expensive, but considerably so if you buy a working girl a drink – you’ve been warned! Our final bit of advice is, take plenty of cash, as under no circumstances should you hand over your card. That apart, enjoy!


The place to be for strip clubs in Prague is Wenceslas Square where there is a high concentration on the square itself and its many side streets. We have picked out a few for you below.


Goldfingers. Probably the most well known strip joint in Prague and popular for good reason. This place has been at the top of its game for over 15 years now and has earned a reputation for quality, based on its girls and extravagant shows. Jelly wrestling, group shows and private dancing are all on offer in this Prague staple. They’re a bit stricter here, and a little more expensive, but the one hour shows are impressive. Find it under the Ambassador Hotel.

Darling Cabaret. Probably the most expensive and high end strip club in Prague this one. They specialise in lesbian shows and offer a limo service to and from your hotel! Go to this place if you’re flush and want high quality.

Darling Cabaret

Whatever got your attention?

Hot Peppers. Located next to the Disco Duplex dance club on Wenceslas Square, Hot Peppers offers lesbian shows, exotic dancers from around the world and one of the more popular activities – stag show on stage! Let it be known that a stag is in the house and watch the fun and frolicks unfold!

Captain Nemo. One of the newer kids on the block, Nemo is purpose built along nautical lines to create a modern interior designAlong with its sleek good looks, Nemo boasts stunning looking girls and a nightly laser show that is really rather impressive! Aside from the aesthetics, the entertainment consists of lesbian shows, massages and a water show (in keeping with its nautical theme). Good value and one of the most centrally located strip clubs in Prague, Captain Nemo comes recommended.



Food is served at most of the pubs outlined above but there is one other place worth a mention, if you want dinner to be a set piece along the way.

The Medieval Tavern is a themed restaurant, and as the name suggests, takes influence from the middle ages. During this period in history, punishment was a form of popular entertainment and the Black Death wiped out half of Europe, so it may seem a strange epoch to select when trying to entice punters to dine. Sensibly, the proprietors have picked up on some positives from the era, notably innovative entertainers, scrumptious serving wenches and hilarious clothing. Throw all these together in a candle lit cavern and you can have a great night. The food is good and consists of a five course traditional dinner along with two drinks for a fixed price. Ideal for groups, and good fun to boot, the Medieval Tavern is a good sedge way between day and night in Prague. One important piece of advice on this place – you have to book ahead. Check out the link for further Czech film editing magic! We’re not sure if this one is going to get the nod in the ‘Best International Film’ category at the Oscars…


Well, t-t-that’s all folks!

So, there you have it – your complete stag do guide to Prague. We hope this has helped and that you have an amazing time, should you decide to go. We always welcome new ideas and suggestions to help other Best Men, so if you have any thing new to add then please do let us know by getting in touch at the contact us section. Enjoy.


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