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Stag Do Accessories

Stag do accessories serve one of two purposes in our view: to add a few additional jokes to the night, or as a slap stick alternative to a stag do costume. Which of the two camps you fall in to may depend on where you intend to fall on the stag do prankometer.

The tash is always a decent shout as they’re affordable, easy to apply and come in numerous ridiculous varieties. Furthermore, they tend to be a good conversation starter with hen parties in our experience. The Fingerstache is a particular favourite right now and a superb good stag do prank if the groom-to-be passes out!

Personalised masks are also one of the popular stag do accessories thanks in part to their publicity on The Dragons Den. Even better, the lads who created this little enterprise – Ray Duffy, Chris O’Nyan and Dean Walton – are having the last laugh as they were overlooked when they pitched to the Dragons in 2009. Smug James Caan scoffed at their idea, and suggested he wouldn’t see a bean for 30 years. How wrong you were Jimmy. If you’re feeling particualrly flush, then the boys have gone one better than just a mask and created the personalised life size cut out! Bring that out in the lapdancing club and see the lad have the shock of his life!

The Best Stag Do Accessories on the Market