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Stag Do Dares

In our view, and at the risk of coming across like your English teacher, there’s a difference between stag do dares and stag do pranks. The stag do prank is something that tends to happen to the groom without his involvement or prior knowledge. This might be a girl toy placed in his bag before going on a flight, or an all-out kidnap – see our stag do prankometer for more detail! Stag do dares on the other hand require his co-operation and active participation.

Now that we’ve got our terminology right, it’s worth mentioning that stag do dares don’t need to involve a prop to be funny. Indeed some of the best stag do dares are really simple. Examples here might include: providing the Groom with a list of items he has to collect (womens underwear comes as standard btw); making him buy a sizable round of booze using only bronze coloured coins; singing with a busker; approaching the next available woman over 60 and attempting to chat her up. You get the picture.

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration or spontaneity then you might want to consider the treasure trove below. Stag Night Dare Dice are simple and affordable way to add a bit of nervous tension to the evening and any failure in the task at hand could be punishable by one of the many beer bongs available! We’re big fans of the stag do dare here at iamthebestman because they’re so simple but can provide hours of amusement.

A Little Inspiration