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Are you getting jitters about your best man’s speech?
Relax! We’ll write it for you.

With the wedding plans in full swing, your thoughts are inevitably turning to the all important-best man’s speech. Now all you need to do now is put together an absolute corker of a speech and your part in the big day will be remembered for years to come – for all the right reasons.

THERE’s just one problem.
You don’t know where to start.

Writing a speech is hard

We get it. Writing and delivering a best man’s speech is daunting. You’ve got to be funny and charming enough to win over the entire wedding party. And you need to be edgy enough to win a laugh or two, without taking it to too far. Then etiquette demands you say some nice things about the happy couple that ideally should sound heart-felt rather than clichéd.

Highly personalised speech

With all the people to please, writing the best man’s speech can feel like a bit of minefield. Which is why more and more best men are choosing to get professional help when it comes to writing their speech. That’s where we come in. Fill out a simple questionnaire and we’ll take that information and turn it into a flowing, highly-personalised speech – just for you (and the groom).



I’m the owner of iamthebestman and to date I’ve helped hundreds of anxious best men prepare for their big day. I’ve also been a best man three times myself so I know what you’re going through! Whether you want to be edgy, witty, heartfelt, or a bit of everything, I can help you with your perfect speech.


I’ve been a professional writer for more than 15 years – including speeches, for newspapers, internet sites, radio scripts and personal commissions. This means interviewing people, getting to know them and finding the relevant information is what I do for a living. Having twice been a best man, I know how important it is to get the speech just right and tailored perfectly to your pal the groom.


How it works

Complete an online questionnaire

Receive a call from us regarding any further information requirements, talk you through our early thoughts on your speech structure and agree timings with you

Receive your personalised, bespoke speech.


A bespoke speech tailored to your requirements so it is highly personalised and relevant

A tried and tested structure to make your words flow and cover all necessary wedding etiquette

A speech written to suit your sense of humour so it seems natural and authentic

Time! We do all the hard yards so you can concentrate on your other best man duties

Our experience of knowing what works, what is original and what is now old hat

A direct line to your Speechwriter who you can talk to!


“I had a best man speech that needed to be written and the wedding was fast approaching.

I called Oliver, from the outset he explained the process and the costs involved, I was expecting a few weeks wait but he turned the speech around in 48 hours, he was also happy to make adjustments where needed and changed a couple of the jokes to make them more relevant to my audience.

I have shown the speech to friends and they agree it’s fantastic. Oliver is very thorough and professional, this is demonstrated in the fact he provides an online questionnaire before he begins to write the speech to really understand what you require.

I now have every confidence going into the wedding and can finally relax. Thank you so much, you have been a true life saver.“


Johnny Howard

“I contacted Oliver at I am the Best Man to take up the wedding speech writing service and was extremely satisfied with his professionalism, speed of response and friendliness.

From inception to conclusion the process took 48 hours. It was just what I wanted, a cross between part serious/part humour. All elements were included.

The process itself was simple and the information that Oliver rezquired came from a simple pre-populated questionnaire form which was easy to complete.

I would use his service again without hesitation and thoroughly recommend this to other somewhat apprehensive best men!“


Jack Samson


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