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Serious Speech #4

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I cannot think of a time when I’ve been more terrified of saying the wrong thing. You see, Joshua is my best friend, and this is the biggest day of his life so far. That’s a lot of pressure for me not to screw this up. I have already been threatened with the “beats” in the parking lot if I say anything inappropriate.

So if I seem nervous, that’s because I am. I’m over here sweating and Joshua and Tina are just laughing and having a good time.  The expression on their faces says it all. These two are totally in love, aren’t they?
Believe it or not, these two have always had that expression on their faces, whenever they were around each other from the day they first met. I remember that night vividly. Josh and I were down at our favourite pub for the night, and spotted these two girls sitting by themselves, so we stroll over and sit down next to them and start talking—don’t worry the story gets even worse. So we’re going through the usual small talk and the girl I’m talking to is clearly not that interested in me. It was Anne, in case you’re wondering, she’s over there with the other bridesmaids. Don’t worry Anne, I’m not bitter. As a matter of fact you and all of the bridesmaids look stunning in those outfits.

Back to the story – so I struck out with Anne, but Josh and Tina just clicked. The bad part came when the girls’ dates came and chased Josh and I off–but not before Josh got Tina’s phone number.
From pretty much that night on, they were inseparable. You could see it in their eyes that they were absolutely in love with each other, and you can still see that today. Just look, aw come on, don’t look away Tina. See those beautiful smiles everyone? Those are the smiles of two people completely in love.

It is my duty to leave you with a little bit of advice about marriage.  “Love one another and you will be happy.  It’s as simple and as difficult as that.”

So on to the part I’m sure you’re all looking forward to, the drinking and the dancing! But before we start the celebration in earnest, first please raise your glasses high for my best friend Joshua, and his beautiful new wife Tina.