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Organising a Stag Do

Make no mistake organising a stag do is no mean feat even if it’s relatively low key. Follow our step by step guide to creating a stag do that’ll make The Hangover look like a kiddies tea party…



  • Your first task is to find out who’s going.
  • Warning – this is something you need to decide with the best man not on your own! You never know what rivalries or distaste may be simmering beneath the surface so better to be safe than sorry!
  • Draw up a list and then email the boys to see if they’re up for it.



  • Assuming you have no objections the next step is to check people’s availability.
  • It can get tricky keeping up to speed so our suggestion is to get people to fill out a simple spreadsheet like this one. Green for yes, red for no – simple.
  • For larger parties it can often be some time in the future so is worth getting this out sooner rather than later.



  • Ah, now the fun stuff! Where to go?!
  • The first decision is UK or abroad.
  • If you go abroad then chances are you will need to stay overnight so is likely to turn in to stag weekend. These are the most riotous but also cost more so you will need to be aware of people’s budgets.
  • One thing you need to bear in mind is the push back from the WAGs! Magaluf has a certain reputation and has been known to result in casualties if too far flung. Something to consider.
  • Use our guide to navigate the go-to stag destinations.


Stag Do Activities

  • Once you’re sold on the location and the timing the next thing you need to do is decide what you’re going to do.
  • Whilst it’s still a popular choice to find the nearest boozer and drink till you can drink no more its increasingly popular to combine with a day time activity.
  • Not only does it stop everyone falling asleep by 6pm it can also encourage a bit of healthy competition, tom foolery and banter!
  • The classics like paintball are always popular but there are also a whole bunch of others from driving tanks to taking part in your own cannonball run! Click here for ideas.


Stag Do Costumes

  • What could be funnier than dressing the stag in mankini and watching him cringe with embarrassment?!
  • Welcome to the now increasingly common tradition of stag do outfits
  • The beauty of these is the sheer range on offer these days ranging from The Gayest Man in the Village right the way through to blow up willy costumes! Click here to see examples.


Dares and forfeits

  • So you’ve got the number of people, the location, the activities and even a stag do costume – the only thing missing now is a few dares or forfeits
  • These can be as harmless as drinking game cards right through to beer bongs


Check with club

  • Finally, it is not uncommon that a stag party plans to end up a certain bar or club only to find they are refused entry at the door – don’t be caught out!
  • We recommend calling ahead to check and sell it as a benefit to the club that you’re going to bring all this business in for them.


The sticky subject of money

  • We’ve head some stories over the years here at iamthebestman of best men who put up all the cash only for some of the party to avoid paying on return
  • Our advice is to invoice people up front on a pay and play basis
  • Whilst this may seem a hardline stance it can help to avoid difficulty further down the line


The Stag Do Organisational Checklist

  • Decide who’s going
  • Determine the date(s) depending on availability
  • Decide if you’re having at home or abroad
  • Pick an activity to do in the day time
  • Select a suitably embarrassing outfit
  • Buy or prepare a few dares
  • Check with the intended destination they accept stag parties
  • Let the others know the cost up front and get early payment