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Stag Do Destinations

Where to do on a stag do? It’s a big question and one that requires a bit of deliberation in our view. Stag do destinations should be based on the requirements of the prospective groom and the attendees. How do you establish those needs? Well, as best man you will need to do a bit of research amongst your audience and the stag himself. If the stag weekend or night is going to be a success you need to ensure you are giving people what they want, even if that means it’s different from your own idea of a good time. Some of the things to consider in deciding stag do destinations include budget, stag do activities and distance.

Below you can select stag do destinations in Europe or UK stag do destinations. There are hundreds to choose from and we’ve brought together packages from lots of different providers so you compare prices and find something suitable for your own stag do party….

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Stag destination ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for a stag do, the other way to approach it is to pick a location first and then see what activities are available at said stag do destination. That can help narrow the field a little and makes more sense if there are certain restrictions on places where you can go. We’ve got a whole section of the site devoted to stag do destinations but by way of overview, we’ve picked out some of the best uk stag destinations below:


London Stag Do

London remains one of the best stag do destinations in the uk for the simple reason there is just so much going on our nations capital. Like many of the worlds international cities, London rarely, if ever, sleeps which opens up more stag night ideas than anywhere else in the uk, meaning the party goes on for as long as you can. Getting around via the Tube is pretty straightforward and the Mayor, Bungling Borris Johnson, announced that the underground is going to extend its services until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays from 2015 which means you can go clubbing and avoid any taxi fares.


Newcastle Stag Do

In our experience, few have gone to Newcastle for a stag do and not come back citing a five star experience. The Geordies are well known for their sociability, and know how to enjoy themselves. This is typically helped along by 10 pints of lager, ‘a treble’, or the famous Newcastle Brown Ale and everyone’s invited to the party! Indeed the jovial spirits of the local lads and lasses is infectious and that’s to say nothing of the many activities on offer.


Newquay Stag Do

The local tourist board call Newquay ‘The British California’. Whilst it’s undoubtedly one of the top uk stag destinations, we think this is stretching the truth somewhat. Much though we’d all like to see Apple, Facebook and their Silicon Valley chums move to Newquay it seems somewhat unlikely. Until such a time however it boasts watersports a plenty and a buzzing nightlife. Just don’t wear a mankini – the local constabulary ‘cracked’ down on this tom foolery a while back labelling them ‘revolting’! You were warned!


Bristol Stag Do

The largest city in the South West of England is a one of the better stag weekend ideas owing to its buzzing nightlife, array of day time stag do activities and a rather attractive waterfront. Little known fact about Bristol – the debonair actor of the golden Hollywood era, Cary Grant was born in Bristol.  Originally called Archibald Leach he changed when he stateside. Can’t think why. Anyway, Bristol stag activity ideas include learning to be a circus performer in, graffitiing a wall, sorry – a street art experience, or a ride on a piratemobile!


Bournemouth Stag Do

Like Newquay, Bournemouth’s trump card is its coastal position, opening an array of water based activities including jet skiing, power boating and of course sufing. Proponents of Bouremouth, whilst acknowledging its waves are less prevailing than Newquay would cite its geography as being the ace in the pack, because as seaside resorts go, it’s one of the easier ones to get to. Popular with hen dos in equal measure this is a stag friendly location.