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Snow Based Stag Do Ideas

Snow is fun. We all know this, snow days are some of the best days! Yes its cold and wet and somehow your snowman looks more like a hamster that needs a diet, but you had a great time outdoor right? Why not then consider getting down and dirty in the white stuff! No, not that white stuff…go give your mind a clean in the freshly driven snow.

With plenty of different options for ways to play in the snow available, you can pretend you are in cool runnings and bob sleigh, or try to show off how hip you really are snowboarding. Whatever you choose we are sure that these snow based stag do ideas will make sure you have a cool time!

Bob Sleigh Stag Do
Bob Sleigh Stag Do £104
  • 8 packages
  • 4 locations
  • Exhilarating and memorable
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Snowmobile Stag Do
Snowmobile Stag Do £120
  • Riga & Tallinn
  • Awesome fun
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Snowboarding Stag Do
Snowboarding Stag Do £213
  • Based in Amsterdam
  • Challenging and entertaining
  • Work up a thirst
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