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Sport Stag Do Ideas

Sometimes you need a bit of a run around to get the energy levels back up after a night on the sauce. Here you’ll find a fair few of the traditional and not so traditional sports to choose from as we’ve compared the market for the best sport stag do ideas to bring you the very best prices and offers.

Horse Racing Stag Do
Horse Racing Stag Do £36
  • 4 packages available
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  • Dress the stag up
  • Thrill of a flutter
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Greyhound Racing Stag Do
Greyhound Racing Stag Do £45
  • 15 packages available
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  • Kick off the stag night
  • Dining opportunities
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Rock Climbing Stag Do
Rock Climbing Stag Do £45
  • 5 packages available
  • 5 locations
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  • The great outdoors!
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Golf Stag Do
Golf Stag Do £60
  • 53 packages available
  • 33 locations
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  • Healthy competition
  • Drink at the Club House
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Harness Sphereing Stag Do
Harness Sphereing Stag Do £69
  • Reach speeds of 30 mph!
  • Tumble down a hill
  • Hilarious
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Indoor Skydiving Stag Do
Indoor Skydiving Stag Do £98
  • 2 packages available
  • 5 locations
  • Exhilarating
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