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Stag Kidnap Stag Do

The Stag Kidnap Experience

Why should a stags time be easy? With so many options the lad gets special attention…its just not fair! Why not get your own back by having the stag kidnapped! The whole group can even be kidnapped and taken to a prison! So OK, once again he is getting special attention but the rest of you can know what’s going on!

Though the stag may be rather annoyed at you, many of these stag kidnap stag do packages come with a lap dancing club visit…so he should forgive you!

Locations Offering Stag Kidnap Stag Packages

Stag Kidnap Packages in Amsterdam

  • 60 minute experience
  • Realistic Stag arrest prank
  • Experienced Actor
  • Private Strip Show
Ok, so picture the scene, you're in a bar, enjoying a few beers and the stag is thinking "so far so good, I can survive this stag do". The ultimate stag prank that you could pull off in Amsterdam.

Stag Kidnap Packages in Budapest

  • 30 minute experience
  • Kidnap Arrest with Blindfold
  • Two Plain Clothed Police Officers
  • Stag becomes part of a Surprise Strip Show
  • Round of Beers.
Have the stag arrested by two plain clothed police officers for drunken and disorderly behaviour and causing a general nuisance. The ultimate stag prank in Budapest.

Stag Kidnap Packages in Riga

  • 2 hour experience
  • Kidnappers
  • Transfers to gents club and entry
  • Lap dance for the stag
  • Female guide
The stag is kidnapped, handcuffed and blindfolded. He is transferred by the "special unit" car to the gentleman's club, and chained to the dancing pole. Can you imagine what will be going through the poor guys head
  • 2 Nights Stay In 3* Hotel
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Stag Kidnapping
  • Guided Pub Crawl
  • Lap Dance Entry
Why should a stags time be easy? Have the stag kidnapped! To be fair he then gets special attention from the ladies at the gentleman's club the group is taken to, with that, lapclub entry and a guided pub crawl he should forgive you!