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Top 10 Stag Destinations

Remember when there was one kind of Dairy Milk? You knew where you stood with that. Want some chocolate? Dairy Milk or Galaxy? Now, you can’t walk in to a service station without seeing at least 10 different variants. Whilst this might be considered a good thing for the discerning chocoholic, it also means we are confronted with more choice, and as a result more decisions. Whilst this might be easy enough when choosing confectionery, it’s a different matter entirely when selecting the best stag do locations.

Thanks to the likes of EasyJet, Ryanair and er, the Megabus, it’s both affordable and relatively quick to have stag weekends in the UK and Europe, opening up literally hundreds of locations. To continue the chocolate analogy, whilst having choice is good, it can be mind-bogglingly difficult to know which are the top stag destinations. Fruit ‘n’ nut or caramel? Prague or Newcastle?

Choice Overload?

Boffins, such as Professor Iyengar (who?!) call this scenario ‘Choice Overload’ and claim that in reality, people often find greater choice to be, at times, debilitating. Part of the problem is that once we finally decide on one we can find ourselves less satisfied because there’s a nagging feeling that the other stag location(s) could be better.

Well friends, fear not because we at iamthebestman are here to sooth your stresses by narrowing the vast field of locations down in to a much more manageable ten! These are the top 10 stag destinations of the year, based on feedback from our readers, popularity and value for money. So without further ado, let us run from 10 down to 1…

1. Prague
1. Prague

Prague ticks every box you could wish for on a stag do. Some of the finest beer in Europe. Within easy flying distance of the UK. Easy on the eye. We could go on...

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2. Amsterdam
2.	Amsterdam

Famed for its tolerant disposition towards sex, drugs and, well, pretty much most things, Amsterdam provides the ideal backdrop for any stag do. Cool bars, easy on the eye and easy to reach.

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3. Newcastle
3.	Newcastle

“If you can’t have a good time in Newcastle, you’re a dunce.” Perhaps not the most eloquent of quotes by one of Tynside’s better known celebrity’s but too true nonetheless and officially the top UK stag do destination.

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4. Bristol
4.	Bristol

Romping home in to fourth place is Bristol. Or should we say racing, because this is the place for petrol heads and auto enthusiasts alike it has a blistering array of driving activities. The nightlife rocks and is a great looking city.

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5. Riga
5.	Riga

The trump card with Riga is the prices. A pint is about the same price as a bottle of coke is in the UK – it’s almost rude not to partake! Not only that, but the lax laws mean stag do activities like shooting are also on the menu.

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6. Edinburgh
6.	Edinburgh

A great sized city for a stag do, accessible and plenty to do. Not only that but it’s stunning looking city and drinking chasers is encouraged! Known as the ‘Festival City’ by some they know how to throw a party.

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7. Budapest
7.	Budapest

Another city that comes up trumps on offering great value. But there’s more to this historic city than 80p pints. It’s got thermal springs which are sometimes used for water discos and has an awesomely good nightlife.

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8. London
8.	London

Our nations capital pulls a punch for stag dos. Whatever you want this city offers it up and then some. Hang out with the hipsters in the east or mix up with the gregarious south Londoners. Look no further than your own doorstep.

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9. Bournemouth
9.	Bournemouth

Seven miles of beach, a plethora of hen dos and a welcoming attitude toward stags, Bournemouth scores high on the tick list. The water offers extreme sports and the nightlife is both vibrant and friendly in equal measure.

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10. Newquay
10.	Newquay

Last, but not least, Newquay offers up an array of action activities courtesy of the Atlantic high rollers. When you're done catching waves, this sleepy town awakes from its slumber for party time!

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Top 10 Stag Destinations 2014

 10 Think of a Newquay stag do and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? At the Bodi
risk of trying to appear all David Blane, our best guess is ‘surfing’. At least that’s what the Family Fortunes survey of 100 people reported. But that wouldn’t be giving Newquay its due credit because there’s more to a Newquay stag do than big waves, wet suits and Patrick Swayze look-a-likes. This laid back coastal town also boasts music festivals, an awesome harbour and incredible fish n chips.
 9 At number nine it’s Bournemouth. The local council are a smart bunch here and realised a while back that stag do’s, when behaving responsibly [disclaimer], are good for business. As a result, accommodation is welcoming and plentiful, whilst the pubs, in the central areas, are stag friendly. The main drag of Old Christchurch Road is particularly hospitable and along this route you’ll likely encounter your fair share of hen parties as well, which is always good for stag do dares and such like. For more info on a Bournemouth stag do and all it has to offer see our comprehensive Bournemouth stag do ideas city guide.
 8 London occupies our number 8 spot and is one of the best stag do destinations of 2014. As Samuel Johnson once famously remarked “…Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” You said it Dr. J! Our capital city offers just about anything and everything you’ll ever want on a stag do, from celeb night spots to casinos to ping pong bars – the list goes on and on. For an insiders London Stag Do Ideas City Guide then click the link for the complete run down.
 7 At number 7, and our first European entry, it’s Budapest. Getting Budapeststraight to the point, there are two very good things going for a Budapest stag do – cheap booze and beautiful women. That’s the feedback chaps. Indeed a pint of lager in ‘The Pearl of the Danuabe’ is about £0.80 which last time we checked is less than a cost of a Mars Duo. Speaking of food, one thing not to do in Budapest is ask a local if they are a ‘Hungry Hungarian’! Whilst childishly amusing to most, it’s probably the equivalent of asking Robert De Niro, ‘are you talking to me?’ and expecting a smile back. Anyway, we digress, Budapest is one of the best stag destinations in europe.
 6 Okay, at just the other side of the midway point we have Edinburgh.  If you’re looking for a party, then you’re in the right place; particularly if you visit during the famous Hogmanay, or more temperate Fringe Festival. During these celebrations the 450,000 population doubles in size and the good times roll. This city also boasts two impressive stats that may have bearing on your decision have an Edinburgh stag do; it has the highest global proportion of a) listed buildings (75%) and b) redheads (13%).
 5 The number 5 spot is taken by a relatively new kid on the block in the shape of Riga. This former Soviet state became popular with stag parties when Stelios began flying his EasyJet planes to the Latvian capital in 2004. Ten years on and the 2014 European Capital of Culture is carving out a reputation for a flourishing youth and alternative scene. Part of the reason for the popularity of a Riga stag do is due to the somewhat lax laws. Kidnapping and all manner of activities with the female of the species are reportedly fair-go in this Baltic Livewire.
 4 Slipping in to the number four spot is the fair city of Bristol. Well known for its former maritime might, Harvey’s Bristol Cream and many comedians – Russell Howard, Justin Lee Collins and Stephen Merchant to name but a few – the South West’s largest City is also popular with stag dos for its range of driving activities. Tanks, rage buggies and quad bikes are all on the menu for a Bristol Stag Do which also boasts a vibrant, lively nightlife including pubs, bars and live music. A wee gem.
 3 Coming in at three, and voted one of the best uk stag do locations, it’s Newcastle. There’s lots of stereotypes about this part of the country: ‘lasses’ in short skirts, super human drinking capability, liberal application of fake tan, fanatical football supporters, a distinctive local dialect and a welcoming good humour. How many are true? Well, according to the feedback we’ve had over the last three years, pretty much most of them to varying degrees – which is exactly why the North East so loved as a destination for stag weekends. Check out our Newcastle Stag Do Ideas City Guide for the complete picture.
 2 At number two, it’s one of the best European stag do locations – its Amsterdam! “Jes, ai sink so. Sank you ferry muts”. Why is it such a classic? In a word – ‘liberalism’. Where else can stag do parties get up to such mischief and it all be considered fair game?! Want to smoke? No worries! Want to have schex with a beautiful woman? Go ahead my friend! Aside from all of the usual tom foolery, make no mistake – Amsterdam is a boneafide beautiful city too, so if you’re going to go away with your pals to enjoy a location, an  Amsterdam stag do ticks so many boxes your pen’ll run dry.
 1 Okay, and so now we get to the main event… The votes have been counted and verified. And I can now reveal, that the winner of our top 10 stag do destinations is…Prague! Cut to camera 2 and see Prague looking ever so shocked. Iamthebestman: “Congratulations Prague, did you ever think you’d win? What does this mean to you?!” Prague breaks down in tears and is then affectionately, and somewhat boisterously mobbed by the other stag do locations. Newcastle is muttering something in its ear but is inaudible to the rest of us. Shortly after, Prague breaks out in to an emotional tirade of thank yous! I think you’ll agree it’s a fitting end to this top 10 stag location series! Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Check out our free Prague Stag Do City Guide and find out.