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Wedding Suits – What’s a Man to Do?

Best man articles — By on October 7, 2016 2:08 am

Wedding suits are another thing for us blokes to think about. Back in the day, your Great Uncle Jim wore the same clobber to every single wedding he ever attended, but times have changed, and so too has the expectancies of the blokes on that wedding guest list, to turn up to the church on time, as well as in fashion. We’re right in the 2016 wedding season, but you’ve got another year’s worth of weddings to attend, and you will need a different outfit and look for each one.

And let’s face it, we’re all turning a bit girly, what with moisturisers, bronzers (don’t even lie about that one) and blow dry hair dos, so let’s turn to nature to “inspire” our wedding attire. Here is a list of seasonally matched wedding suit ideas.

Autumn Wedding Suits

Autumn wedding suitsRustic and vintage wedding themes are all the rage right now, with jam jars replacing wine glasses, and hay bales acting as church pews, you’ll want your outfit to fit the theme. The fastest growing outfit of choice is the tweed tuxedo. Seen as more than just a country twist on the traditional black tie, this combination brings a real Autumnal feel to the big day, and is guaranteed to draw a few compliments along the way. Simply match the tweed to a black shoes, making sure to stick to the tuxedo rules of pairing bow tie fabric with your lapels.

Winter Wedding Suits

Winter wedding suitBring that pending festive spirit to the traditional wedding suit, with grey morning coat and trousers, with a warm red cravat and a waistcoat. When this is finished off with black shoes, belt and buttons, the colours of the accessories are perfectly framed by the grey suit. This is the perfect wedding wear for the colder weather and work well for a Wedding in the cooler winter weather. Finish it off with a matching pocket square, to complete the look. If the traditional look isn’t quite what you had planned, you can replicate the tweed tuxedo look by checking out the other colour options offered by Dobell.


Spring Wedding Suits

Spring Wedding SuitsThis is the classic wedding suit colour scheme with a subtle little twist. Wear a full length black morning coat, preferably slim cut, a white shirt with a paisley silver waistcoat. Match your pocket square and cummerbund, to the waistcoat, and you’ll make sure the contrast between black jacket and white shirt is broken up a little in colours and textures. If you pair all of this with striped trousers and patent black shoes, you’ll make sure the paisley waistcoat and cravat are what people’s eyes are drawn to first.

Summer Wedding Suits

Summer wedding suitsOk, so we’re stealing inspiration from the ultimate bromance: Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler. They both rocked matching blue suits to Wimbledon, back in 2013, and since then, it’s become synonymous with Summer smart wear. Bring extra Summer vibes by pairing the blue suit with with a gold skinny tie and pocket square for this season’s hottest colour combos. It also doubles up as an after wedding suit you can bash out for office meetings (or job interviews) in the future. Check out our friends at Reiss for this number.

So there you have it. A brief intro in to wedding suits. For more info, check out our Style section. Any comments, or suggestions, by al means get in touch.


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