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Party Bus Stag Do

The Party Bus Experience

It’s a party! On a bus! need I say more? With it’s own disco ball the bus will drive you around to all the great nightspots, with a uniformed driver to make sure you are all back on board before moving onto the next hotspot of the night, this truly is a bar crawl with style!

A party bus stag do may not be the most active or have many adrenaline highs, but you cant go wrong, with drink, entertainment and transport!

Locations Offering Party Bus Stag Packages

Party Bus Packages in Brighton

  • 2 Nights Accommodation BB
  • Breakfast
  • Paintballing Day
  • Party Bus
  • Nightclub Guest list
2 nights central accommodation with breakfast in Brighton. Premium value including paintball, party bus, stag dinner with drinks and guest list nightclub entry

Party Bus Packages in Gdansk

  • Luxury hotel in Gdansk
  • Nightlife Tour
  • Steak & Tits
  • Strip Hummer
  • AK47 Extreme Shoot-out
  • Pissup Party Bus
  • Package one way transfer
My oh my! This Gdansk stag do package has the bleeding lot: AK-47, check. Steak n tits, check. Hummer, check, with stripper, check. Fancy pants hotel, check, check, check. You get the picture. This one is the dogs proverbials.

Party Bus Packages in Sofia

  • Budget Accommodation Sofia
  • Airport Transfer
  • Strip Partybus
  • Indoor Superkarts
This Sofia stag do will keep you on the move. Why? Because you’ll be thrashing a car round the tracks before getting on a party bus with strippers – that’s why old chap. This package is entertainment on four goddam wheels and you’re going to love it!
  • 3 star hotel in Sofia
  • Hummer Limo Tour
  • Strip Partybus
  • Steak & Tits
Nice little Sofia stag do package this one. Includes steak n tits, a rock star pick up in the form of stretched hummer and a party bus with stripper. Basically, if you like food, motors and chicks this is a winner!