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Best Man Suits

Picking Best Man Suits tends to a lot easier than it is for the groom who has all kinds of decisions to make about hiring or buying; selecting morning suits or regular suits; or going for the humble tie over the more traditional cravat. The good news is that best man is largely exonerated from  these tricky fashion conundrums which means there is one less thing for you to worry about. Your main job with regard to the wedding suit is to follow, rather than lead.

Statistically over half of wedding parties will hire suits so there’s a decent chance you’ll find yourself in one come the big day. If this is the case, in your situation it’s a relatively painless exercise but can mean a bit of running around just to forewarn you. You’ll need to get measured, get hold of the goods, look after it during the day and ensure it’s returned in good nick, along with the rest of the wedding party, the following day. Not a great deal of responsibility but some.


So, all’s relatively straight forward if the groom’s organising the wedding suit and taking all the tough decisions on styling (well, his missus us will in actual fact but that’s a separate issue!) but what happens if he’s not?! In this instance you have a little bit more work to do. The last thing the bride will want to see is a clash of colours on her wedding pictures because the lads are in suits and ties from all the colours of the rainbow –  it’s not a good look. The other thing you do not want to do is upstage the groom in any way. This is his wedding and for one day only should be the main man!

What to do then? If the groom has opted not to hire morning suits it’s your job to work with him to ensure that you and the rest of the wedding party are coordinated. This doesn’t mean you have to turn in to Gok Wan and style the group, rather it means doing simple things to ensure consistency. In practice this means the colour of the suit, shirt, shoes and belt should mirror the groom. The tie might differ in terms of colour, so the main man differentiates himself, but it should be similar in design and style to demonstrate a consistent style.

With this in mind, find out as early as possible what the groom intends to do with regard to formalwear so you have the time and budget to follow, er suit! Below we’ve picked a few out that are affordable and suitably understated for the wedding.