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How to deliver a best mans speech | Your complete step by step video course

How to Deliver a Best Man Speech Course | The ‘One-to-One’ Rule For Preparing Your Speech | [VIDEO 5 of 30]

Some of the best presenters and speakers today make it look so easy, don’t they? It all seems so natural to them. I saw a Ricky Gervais do stand up not so long ago. He was telling jokes to an area full of people like he was in the pub. He makes it look like he’s having a chat. Steve Jobs often gets talked about. He stood up every time to tell us awesome new features on his Apple products. Again, he makes it look so easy. It’s like some dude just chatting to you.

But you know what, don’t be fooled into believing that these guys are just naturals. Behind each of these presentations has been hours and hours of preparation and practice, honing every fine detail of how that speech is delivered. You don’t just go into an arena full of people and tell a few jokes. The whole thing is written, and prepared, and practiced over and over. The rule of thumb here, which they use, and you should use, is that it takes one hour of preparation for each minute of your speech.

If you give any less than that, you’re at risk of cutting corners and you really don’t want to do that given the importance of this speech. So…to ensure you prepare properly, you’re going to need to develop something called your muscle memory. What’s your muscle memory? Let’s take a look in the next video.