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17 Awesome Stag Do Ideas

Best man articles — By on December 9, 2015 7:21 am

Written by Oliver, Founder of

Okay gents, I’m going to talk fast and keep this brief. I know your time is valuable so I’m going to rattle off some stag do ideas for you to give you a bit of inspiration. I’ve tried to restrict these to activities that will last a minimum of a full day or night, or those that give excellent value for your hard-earned cash.

To help you choose which stag do ideas would be best for your group, I’ve also broken it down into categories. Oh, one last thing, if these don’t float your boat then either check out our stag do ideas page for further inspiration. Alternatively, give me a shout and I can help you out. Right, don your party hats chaps, as we prepare to blow the blahdy doors off.


Physical Stag Do Ideas


Fairy nuts this one, but very entertaining. Every year on the spring bank holiday takes place an event that makes the UK proud – hordes of grown adults chasing a gigantic Double Gloucester cheese weighing around 9lbs as it rolls down the steep Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth, at speeds of up to 70mph. The next event is scheduled for 30th May 2016 so if that coincides with your stag plans, get stuck in. Be warned though – this activity is as controversial as it is popular – book your places early, and know that runners can and do get injured.


The Three-Peak Challenge

One of the better do ideas if you’re a bunch of physically-fit guys, the three-peak challenge involves climbing some of the UK’s highest mountains – Scafell Pike in Cumbria (978m); Snowdon in Wales (1085m) and Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands (1344m), within 24 hours. You’ll need a designated driver and plenty of stamina, but this is an incredible experience. Experts recommend starting with Ben Nevis and finishing with Snowdon. This sounds torturous to me but thought I’d include it for those who aren’t layabouts like me.


Bear Grylls Survival Weekend

Bug-eating loon Bear Grylls has started his own Survival Academy, where groups spend 24 hours foraging for food, building emergency shelters in an inhospitable environment, trapping and catching wild food. Convince the stag that learning how to escape inhospitable environments will be crucial for getting through Christmas with the in-laws.


Canyoning / Coasteering

These adrenaline-packed watersports make for an insanely fun day out – scrambling over rocks, abseiling down waterfalls, and jumping from cliffs into ice-cold water below. Available all over the UK, and Europe but Newquay is often a good place to do Coasteering,


Zombie Escape

Zombie Stag Do

Stag do ideas: killing the living dead

Inspired by Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, your group will be trapped in a building such as a disused shopping mall in London, and forced to use their wits to escape swarms of zombies before they too become part of the living dead. Chilling stuff, maybe, but not dissimilar to kicking-out time at the local Ritzy’s.


Lairy Stag Do Ideas

Stag do dares

Putting the stag through the wringer is an essential part of any great stag do. Dream up a list of maybe 30 dares, such as buying a biker’s girlfriend a drink or flirting with a policeman, and have the groom draw one from a bag at regular intervals. Good times guaranteed, for everyone else anyway. If you’re looking for inspiration on stag do dares then check out our super popular article on that one.


Pub Crawls

Yes, this one may seem a tad obvious but you can still do pub crawls with a difference. Try for something inspired, like the famous Glasgow Subcrawl where you stop for a pint at all of the 15 stops on the circular route.


Tribute to a Hellraiser

Oliver Reed is buried in Bruhenny graveyard, County Cork. It’s said that no grass will grow on his grave because of all the booze that’s been poured on it by wellwishers. Make your own pilgrimage, and stop off for a session at one of Ollie’s locals while you’re at it. Don’t forget to buy a shot for Ollie now and again.



Festivals are quietly growing in popularity and for good reason: you get to drink with your mates in the sun and listen to spot of music. With hundreds of amazing festivals around Europe every year, the choice is yours, and they make a fantastic destination for stag groups. If Glasto tickets elude you, why not try Munich’s epic Oktoberfest, or the infamous La Tomatina in Valencia?


Oil Wrestling

Mud wrestlingAs stag do ideas go, this one takes some beating. Grease up for a wrestling match with hot girls in bikinis. Good wholesome, slippery fun, and great for the skin too, probably.


Ice Breaker Stag Dos

Stay somewhere unique

This one may not have the razzmatazz of driving stag do ideas or have the new kid on the block kudos of Bubblefootball, but what it does do is centre on quality time with your pals which is a box every stag do should tick in my view. With the rise of Airbnb, your accommodation options are unlimited. Rent a country cottage; stay in a treehouse or pod hotel; try sleeping in a remote lighthouse or a moored-up narrowboat. Get the gang together, stock up on booze, and get to know each other in a unique environment.


Deep Sea Fishing

If you want to bond as a group, maybe not everyone knows each other well, then charter boat fishing trips are solid stag do ideas. You can hire a boat and skipper to take you out from many coastal resorts such as Brighton or Plymouth for a day of elegant slumming on deck, a prolonged drinking session punctuated by bouts of excitement whenever someone gets a bite.


White Water Rafting

If you’ve ever seen Deliverance you’ll know there’s something about working as a team to battle the elements that really brings a group together. And also that you should never upset a hillbilly. While there’s abundant places to do whitewater rafting, I suggest Llangollen, Wales, where you can combine it with some extreme trampolining, down a disused mineshaft.


Classic Stag Do Ideas


Possibly the pepperoni pizza of the stag world, paintball is a long standing favourite and one of the all-time top stag do ideas. An adrenaline rush from start to finish, you’ll be swapping stories and comparing bruises for weeks to come. Remember to dress the stag up in something bright and colourful. Or worse. Most stag parties can’t resist taking a sneaky close range shot somewhere around the buttocks area. That’s not a recommendation you understand. Merely an observation.

Strip Club

Another reliable staple of stag dos around the land. Lap dancing joints vary enormously in quality and cost, from pound in pint affairs to full on ‘gentlemen clubs’ that masquerade as a debonair destination for the discerning gent. I get group discounts on bunch of places so if you want to get some pounds off then give me a shout.


Race Days

Get dressed up to the nines and spend the day at the track. Whether you’re going to a major event like the National or Royal Ascot, or just a day out at your local place, it’s always fun. Check out an array of driving stag do ideas in our dedicated section.


Stunt Car Driving

There’s no end of race car experiences you can do around the UK, but we love the idea of learning from an expert stunt driver how to pull a donut, parallel park at high speed, or even drive on two wheels! One of the best stag do ideas around for petrolheads.

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