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Best Man Cufflinks

Best man articles, Style — By on September 1, 2013 9:59 am

James Bond CufflinksAs is the often the way, it takes a key influencer to start a trend and in the case of the cufflink this someone happened to be a French royal, King Louis XIV. Not one to shun a bit of pomp, Louis was the Beckham of his day and forerunner of 16th Century fashion. He donned what was known as ‘cuff strings’, two glass buttons attached to a short link chain to hold his ‘Chemise’ – a rather girly loose fitting shirt – in place and keep it closed at the wrist. Being something of a trend setter this novel, yet subtle style innovation caught on, and the hence we have something else to thank the French for in addition to the hot air balloon, ratatouille and er, cabaret.

All about subtlety

Things have progressed since this time – being hung drawn and quartered for petty crime has been replaced by the Asbo and the feudal system abandoned in favour of the welfare state. The cufflink however has remained a constant and along with watches and rings are one of the few accessories that a gent can sport without getting odd looks or being accused of being Eastern European. The thing about cufflinks, like menswear in general is that it’s all about subtlety because paradoxically the smallest details speak most loudly its wearer. Think about the smoothest and most well-known gent of the modern era – Mr. Bond. Ever see him donning anything other than understated threads? There’s a reason he’s kept his enduring coolness for over four decades and it’s not owing to garish costume choices. And so the same applies to cufflinks.  Use them as a classy way to express your personality and there is no better opportunity than on the wedding day.

So, the next question is which one. Well, of course much of this will depend on the colour scheme of your suit and the wedding party but here are a few ideas. And if you want to see more Best Man cufflinks, we have a dedicated page on the site for further choice – just click on the link to get there. In the meantime….

Simple and Stylish Cufflinks

Okay, well to kick things off, let’s look at at some simple designs. The colour and shapes are understated, likely to go with most choice of wedding outfits and are a safe option.

Personalised Cufflinks

Following in the great personalised tradition of initialled handkerchiefs, and your Mum writing your name on the tag of your school coat, personalised cufflinks offer you the opportunity to introduce a touch of individuality and style, with your own words, dates or initials, particularly pertinent for a wedding day.

Best Man Cufflinks

Then finally, there are a number of very bespoke cufflinks that are appropropriate for your role as Best Man. A number of different retailers offer this up and below is a range at different price points.

There are many options to go for and whichever you choose will match your own style, but remember to keep disciplined on the colour code yet reflective of your personality. As discussed you can see more options on our Best Man Cufflinks page.


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