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The Top 10 Locations for Cheap Stag Weekends

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What are the best locations for cheap stag weekends? It’s a question frequently asked of us here at iamthebestman. As luck would have it, boffins at travel currency specialist No. 1 currency published a report this week comparing a basket of stag do essentials – including a pint, a Big Mac and club entry – across 10 popular stag do destinations to help provide the answers. Well gents, the data has been collected and verified and I can now reveal that the most affordable place to go for a cheap stag weekend is…[cut to nervous looks from Eastern European countries] Bratislava! Or is it? Let me explain…

Cheap Stag Weekends: Prices Compared on a Basket of Stag Essentials

Cheap Stag Weekends


Rebasing the cost of cheap stag weekends

The Slovak capital came in at very streamline £96 including flights which by way of context compares to £302 for the same bundle of goods in Ibiza and so is officially the cheapest stag weekend destination. According to No.1 currency, the second cheapest stag do location was Dublin and third, Tallin. Dublin was a bit of surprise initially but the reason is to do with flight costs. Being near to the UK and home to cheap-as-chips charlatan airline Rynair means flight costs are dirt cheap.

That got me thinking, what would be the cheapest stag do destination excluding flights? This would provide a truly like-for-like comparison right? And given the proportion of stag do spend is weighted more in favour of cost of goods rather than flights this might be a more useful way of looking at the data. So, I got hold of the numbers, donned one of those white lab coats and started doing some crunching of my own to find the real cheap stag weekends. To my surprise this Moneyball-esq exercise revealed a new winner!


Shuffling the pack

When flights are excluded, the cheapest stag do location is in fact Prague, beating second placed Budapest by £3.92. Or to put it another way, Prague is 12% cheaper than Budapest when you’re there. This is quite a change given it was in seventh place before. Bratislava, the widely published winner, actually comes in third when looking purely at the cost of goods. I personally think this is a more useful way of calculating cheap stag weekends because you’ll be buying multiple pints of beer over the course of the trip not one as the report states.


Cheap stag weekends: prices compared on a basket of stag essentials excluding flights

Cheap Stag do Weekends


The devil is the detail in finding cheap stag weekends

Looking at the category level data turned out to be really quite interesting and revealed there is truth in the old adage that the devil is in the detail. Take Berlin for example. In my new analysis, where flights are excluded, it labours to a ninth placed finish – not exactly the draw card for cheap stag weekends. But take a closer look and this cutting edge, creative city has been weighed down by a £70 football match ticket which is 386% more expensive than the average across the other nine (£.14.57). This seems a bit unfair as the number of stag parties that go and watch a game is minimal. If you take out this category Berlin moves from second bottom to fifth, the first western city to follow the eastern block and is suddenly right on the cheap stag weekends radar.


Pound a pint – does that still exist?!

Whilst discussing categories, it seems remiss not to at least pass comment on beer prices. The days of ‘pound-a-pint’ are well truly past all but the most budget of student mid-week venues but not so in Eastern Europe! Beer is literally a pound in Budapest, okay, well £1.01 to be exact, but believe it or not there is there is somewhere cheaper the winner in this category goes to Prague at £0.87! By any standards that is incredible value for money!

Of course determining cheap stag weekends focuses only on the financials and doesn’t factor in how good these destinations are for activities and such like. Having been to all of the locations mentioned, including Blackpool(!), I think of the four eastern block countries the first two of Prague and Budapest are better options than Bratislava and Tallin on the basis of size of city (bigger and therefore more choice) and the number of activities available. If you do want to know more about whats going on in each location then take a look at our Stag Do Ideas City Guide series which is effectively the Lonely Planet for stag dos. Any other queries or advice, feel free to email me at Alternatively if you have any other suggestions for cheap stag weekends then help out your fellow Best Man by leaving a comment below.


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