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Personalised Stag Do Invitations

Stag Do — By on October 21, 2013 9:21 pm

Personalised Stag InvitationPersonalisation, you have noticed has become more popular in recent years. You can get your name put on trainers, your photo on a Barclaycard or design your own t-shirt, and have it made to order. Anything you want can be pretty much customised these days.

Part of the reason for this rise in individually branded products is the availability of affordable technology that was previously the domain of professionals rather than home users. Software programmes have become easier and cheaper to use to such an extent that being ‘photoshopped’ has now entered the urban dictionary.

It’s perhaps not surprising therefore that we are seeing an increasing trend for best men to issue invites to the stag party that are personalised. Featuring amusing pictures of the groom to be, references to what lies in wait and of course details of the event itself, a customised invite can be a great way to raise excitement in much the same way marketeers will release a ‘teaser’ for a forthcoming event.

How to get personalised stag do invitations made

If this is something you might be interested in we present three options for you below:

    1. Moonpig or Funky Pigeon. For the unfamiliar (where have you been chaps?!), these sites produce personalised products – primarily greeting cards – on a mass scale. As such they are a low cost option and have a decentish range to choose from. Probably even better though is Vistaprint. These guys are professional printers who have branched out in to the consumer market.


    1. If you’re tech savvy enough to know your way around different software packages then grab some photos off Facebook, pick your favourite font and go create!


  1. If Moonpig’s not doing it for you, you’re a bit time poor or fancy bringing in some additional expertise there are companies/ freelancers/ out there who will conjure up something special at a pretty low cost. It’s more expensive than Moonpig but the upside is it’s completely bespoke. This option tends to work best if there’s a particular in-joke as you can have the invitation created in the styling of your choice. If this option sounds more your thing, then try Porkchop who are graphic designers with talent for stag invites.


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