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Serious Speech #3 (template)

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Let’s all give a round of applause for Mr. And Mrs. Osborne. Congratulations you two. You both look absolutely stunning. I want to thank everyone for coming and celebrating this special day with Carol and Philip. I know your presence here today means a lot [look around at the guests and then over to the bride and groom] to Carol and Philip.

I’ve known Phil since we were 9. We learned to ride skateboards together. We went through Secondary school together. Phil is such a good guy and great friend. I’ll never forget the time …. [insert a short story here where the groom really came through for you and shows what an awesome friend he is].

Phil has been a great friend to me all these years. When Phil met Carol, his life changed for the better. Carol is adorable and sweet. Give her a round of applause [pause so guests can all clap for the bride]. Phil became so happy with Carol in his life. She completed him [if you know the bride well, say a few more positive things here].

I am sure that Carol and Philip will have a long and happy life together. They compliment each other and make each other stronger. As a couple, they both gain confidence from the other. The love they have for each other is obvious. They are fantastic, caring individuals and now they are a married couple [you can ask everyone to give them a round of applause at this point].

I wish you both [turn to face the bride and groom] the best of luck, health, and a happy life together. May all your dreams come true. I know you both will accomplish whatever you set your minds to. Your love for each other is obvious. May it grow stronger every day. Let’s all congratulate Carol and Philip [lift your glass, everyone else will follow suit and lift their glasses too, take a drink] on their marriage. Thank you [sit down, your speech is done].