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Serious Speech #5

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It’s time for the best man’s speech everyone – and that’s me. This is my chance to tell a few old stories about my friend Mike, embarrass him in front of his new bride and her family, that sort of thing.

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to compliment the bridesmaids, who look so beautiful in those dresses!
Weddings always have a special air about them but this reception has been most festive. An open bar and some of Mike’s rugby friends is most likely the reason.

Now I must say I’ve been waiting almost two years for Mike and Emma to tie the knot. I mean really, it took you two long enough! You could have gotten married the day after you met and you know it.

I remember the day when Mike first brought Emma to my cottage. I watched them snuggling on the dock, under the stars and at that point I knew my dear friend Mike was cooked. He’d found his soul mate and it was obvious to me then and it’s obvious to me now.

Well why did they wait for two years? Oh, just to be sure you say. No, you were sure from day one and you know it. You see, that is what’s special about these two. They have always been sure about each other. I have never met two people who were so right for each other. Don’t blush now, you two know its true. You see these two first met when we were hanging out back in Uni.

Two years later, here we are. We’re here because they decided they wanted to be here, and they made it happen. And I know that is how their marriage will be… when they decide it’s going to work, then it will. That is just the way that they are.

So with that mind, let’s raise our glasses high and wish these two a lifetime of happiness. It’s an easy toast to make, because I know they are going to make a lifetime of happiness for each other, no matter what. I cannot think of any two people more meant for each other. Here’s to the new Mr. & Mrs. Morton!