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Serious Speech #8

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A wonderful evening, ladies and gentlemen! For those of you who don’t know me, I am the groom’s best man. So, on his behalf and on behalf of his bride, I would like to welcome you and thank you all for being here tonight. It truly is heart-warming and touching to be amongst the people who are dearest to the bride and the groom. I know for sure that your presence here tonight is fully appreciated by the newly wed couple, just as I know for sure that this wedding would have been a lot less meaningful and memorable if you weren’t here to celebrate it with them.


So thank you, we are ever grateful to the family, relatives, and friends of the bride and the groom. This lovely couple has been dreaming of this wedding for so long, and having to share it with the people they love and care about is just magical.

Now, to the bride and groom, this I say to you – congratulations! I was there when you were just starting out as a couple, and I know exactly how perfect you are for each other. I’ve seen you struggle and overcome the challenges that came your way. I’ve seen you make it through the toughest and most difficult of times.

 I’ve witnessed you argue and then learn to understand each other. You’re a strong couple, and I believe that you can make it to forever. So believe that as well. Believe that your love can make it through anything, and it will.

And finally, I propose a toast. To the bride and groom. May you have a happy and stable marriage, a dozen little kids to keep you busy, and a relationship that will grow even deeper over the years! May your love never falter even through the trying times, and may your faith in your love never diminish over time.