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Short Cheesy Speech #1

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Everyone – please raise your glasses and join me in toasting Dawn and Neil.

As I begin this wedding speech one of the first thoughts that come to mind is… if I’m the best man… than why is Dawn getting married to Neil? (Pause when people laugh) I guess because today, I am just an average man and Neil is the best man. (pause)

In my extensive research to find out how to deliver a great best man speech, I learned that I am expected to sing the praises of the groom and tell you what a wonderful guy Neil is. Unfortunately, I’m a bad singer and a bad liar. (Pause when people laugh) Neil… Dawn is a wonderful, beautiful, kind and good hearted person who deserves a great husband. Thank goodness you snapped her up before she found one. (Pause when people laugh)

All kidding aside – I’m honoured to be here today… I love you both and wish you many years of happy marriage. Cheers!