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Stag Do Ideas 2017

Stag Do, Stag do destinations — By on May 5, 2017 3:45 am

Back in 1996, when Google was still in nappies, some stag party websites set out to champion the stressed bestman with a mini fist pump feeling.


Some of those early pioneers – Freedom, Red Seven and Maximise – remain key players today, in what is a highly competitive industry. Maybe I’m a bit of fuddy duddy but I like brands that have heritage. Like those old tailors in London that have been selling suits and finery since the 1800’s, or a Scotch that dates back five generations, it gives an air of sophistication and knowledge that is very reassuring.


Here we shine a light on one of the originals, Freedom Stag Weekends, who were ‘Est. 1996’. In the twenty years since inception, they have embraced and passed over a host of trends – the rise and fall of ‘lad culture’ in the 90’s and the explosion of Eastern European destinations in the ’00s, to name but a few. And it’s this ability to keep contemporary, and innovate, that has meant they’ve been able to prosper.


To give a few examples, they were at the forefront of making tailor-made packages with dynamic pricing, to compliment ‘ready made’ bundles. Similarly, their online payment system allowed individual stag-do attendees to log-in and pay separately, saving the Best Man, or organiser, from the ball-breaking task of collecting money from the wider party. And more recently they launched the Freedom App (iPhone and Android) taking more organisational burden from the organiser, allowing individuals to confirm attendance, make quick payments and stitch up the stag with instant chat.


Stag Do Ideas 2017

Of course innovation also applies to stag do activities, and ensuring there are new things to choose from that are fun and viable alternatives to old favourites like paintball, go karting and the like, helps to give choice. Here we run through a few of the new kids on the block within their repetoire:


Beer Goggle Football. The specially designed, numpty inducing goggles you see to the left result in fresh air kicks and utter bemusement on everyone’s faces. The idea is it’s like playing footy after a skinful which makes for entertaining post match analysis. Quite what Neville and Carragher would have to say doesn’t bear thinking about.


In another football derivative, Electric Shock Football is a twisted but amusing take on the beautiful game that allows one ‘all powerful’ individual to give a player on the opposition an electric shock! So instead of moaning to the ref about a dodgy tackle and questioning his parentage, the opposition can simply punish him instead. Needless to say, one hopes that we don’t see similar results to the infamous Milgram Experiment with this one!


You’ll probably familiar with female mud wrestling, but in a new twist, the stag actually gets involved with not one, but two Mud Wrestling Girls. Steady there old boy..! In the age of social media the stag will be fully aware that one false move will be forever captured on film and circulated round Facebook et al quicker than Kim Kardashian on a beach. Well maybe not that fast but you get the point. If you want to see the groom fight carnal overtures this is one to throw in to the mix.

Sometimes one is not quite enough. In these instances multi-discipline sporting events are proving popular. Not only do you get more for the price of one, it encourages competition which is also good for bants. If this is your thing then you might want to check out a MegaMix, Crazy Gang and Goofy Games as part of a Stag-lympic Games.


Hope that proves helpful folks. If you want any help with your stag, then please do get in contact or indeed check out our stag do comparison page to ensure you get EXACTLY what you’re looking for. Laters…


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