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Sedate Stag Do Ideas

Just because you’re on a stag do doesn’t mean you have to go hell for leather from start to finish. With evenings tending to be boozy affairs then a more relaxing daytime stag do activity can be just the tonic to ease in to the evening.  Try a spot of archery, rock climbing or sedgeway to get you out and about in to the fresh air without having to come down from an adrenaline fuelled experience.

Below we’ve come up with a few sedate stag do ideas that might tickle your fancy from the UKs best providers

Archery Stag Do
Archery Stag Do £22
  • 10 packages available
  • 5 locations
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  • Feel like Robin Hood!
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High Ropes Stag Do
High Ropes Stag Do £25
  • Compare the market
  • High up entertainment
  • Work up a thirst
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Segway Stag Do
Segway Stag Do £29
  • 5 packages available
  • 11 locations
  • Compare the market
  • Superb fun
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Caving Stag Do
Caving Stag Do £34
  • Exhilarating exercise
  • Memorable experience
  • Great for thrill seakers
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Hiking Stag Do
Hiking Stag Do £50
  • 7 packages available
  • Compare the market
  • Good bonding opportunity
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Its a Knockout Stag Do
Its a Knockout Stag Do £129
  • 9 packages available
  • 4 locations
  • Compare the market
  • Great costumes!
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West Country Games Stag Do
West Country Games Stag Do £135
  • 3 packages available
  • Based out of Bristol
  • A range of themed games
  • Plenty of Cider and fresh air
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