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Segway Stag Do

The Segway Experience

Once billed as a rival to the moped to get you around town, the makers of Segways have since set their sites a little lower – selling them as a stag do option.

Also known as electric all-terrain personal transporters these quality pieces of machinery might not have replaced the common car just yet but they are great fun.

They’re pretty easy to drive – lean forward to go faster, back to break and left to….well I’m sure you can work it out.

Available in Reading, Runcorn and Maidstone these tours take place in woodland areas around paths, tracks and lakes. In a way it’s the best of both worlds, a bit of action (top speed is 20kilometres per hour, which will seem faster than it sounds) and an escape into the countryside.

Word of warning though, generally the weight limit for segways is 117kg so maybe not a good option if one of the party is particularly rotund. Below are some providers to help you get started towards your segway stag do.

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