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Unusual Stag Do Ideas

Everyone’s chasing the next big thing when it comes to unusual stag do ideas. We’ve put together the best of the best in our downloadable free guide, which to whet your appetite includes a contest that is sure to get the stag in a pickle with his fellow contestants, racing of a different kind and an eating contest unlike any you’ve heard of before! Suffice to say there are some funny stag do ideas that you’re unlikely to have heard of before, but in the meantime, below are some other unique stag do ideas:…

Bungee Jumping Stag Do
Bungee Jumping Stag Do £50
  • 13 packages available
  • 13 locations
  • Feel the adrenaline!
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Rioting £79
  • One of a kind
  • Wield the baton
  • Control the masses!
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Stag Kidnap Stag Do
Stag Kidnap Stag Do £88
  • 2 packages available
  • 2 Euro locations
  • Not for the faint hearted!
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Mud Wrestling Stag Do
Mud Wrestling Stag Do £142
  • 4 packages available
  • 3 Euro locations
  • Hot women in mud!
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Riot Training Stag Do

Ever wanted to know what it’s like being a baton wielding member of the riot police? You have?! Well look no further because in one of the most original stag do ideas for years you can now take part in a simulated riot, taking on the role of a burly cop trying to keep the peace! You’ll have your work cut out however as a bunch of angry protesters are slightly cheesed about something or other. Probably student fees.


Mud Wrestling Stag Do

So, here’s the concept. Two babes in bikinis. Oil or mud – your choice. And an oversized paddling pool. That’s pretty much it. You and your pals spectate on the sidelines as the contest takes place with a beer in hand. Oh, and did we mention that the stag is also dragged in to the action! It’s one the best stag ideas on the market for sheer simplicity and er cheek!

Kidnapping Stag Do

This is one of the aforementioned alternative stag do ideas which has been a headliner grabber in recent years with, amongst others, the Daily Mail, questioning the morality of this rather extreme stag do prank. In July 2013, they reported the case of Ollie McAninc who developed stress related illness shingles, after being bundled in to a van, driven 100 miles and dumped on the roadside in little more than a mankini to protect his modesty. Suffice to say, the Mail, and a substantial number of its readership were not impressed. This is one of those stag party ideas that could go either way as it’s somewhat close to the edge. We’ll leave that decision in your hands.