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Stag Weekend Drinking Tactics

Stag Do — By on January 12, 2012 5:38 pm

Make no mistake, a full on Stag Do can be a demanding affair on your liver, your beauty sleep and your wallet. Follow our survival guide below to navigate your way through the bash and emerge the other side in the land of the living!

In our experience one of the biggest mistakes most people make on a Stag Do Weekend is over indulging on the first night. The lack of sleep and monumental hangover can result in the Saturday being a genuine struggle for many, or a complete write off some.

Suddenly what was once a great idea to have a game of 5 a-side or go Paintballing feels like the worst possible scenario and as the headache cranks up getting back on the sauce for an afternoon session can be a struggle.

Heed the words of the great man himself: “Only fools rush in”! The easiest solution to this, is also the hardest – holding back on the opening night. The principle here is that prevention is better than cure. It’ll not only save a few quid, it’ll also benefit you the next day. This doesn’t have to mean you drink water all night, rather you approach it with a level head and an eye on the main event tomorrow. Like a long distance runner keep, something back for the grand finale.

Some specific tactics to help:

  • Alternate between beer and water to keep hydrated.
  • Ensure you have a lined stomach before going out – milk could be an option if you want to leave some room.
  • Also eat before going to bed to soak up the booze.
  • Avoid getting in to rounds with the big drinkers.
  • Buy the drinks yourself to control your own intake.
  • Cheat! Buy a shandy or low alcoholic alternative and see if you can go undetected!
  • Take hydration salts with you. Medically they’re taken following bouts of illness such as sickness or diarrhoea to replace body fluids but from our experience are cheap and work well. Beware though they taste pretty lousy.
  • Be honest and say you’re saving yourself for tomorrow.
  • Arrive late or leave early.
  • Avoid dark coloured drinks. They contain something called congeners which give bad hangovers.
  • Take Milk Thistle before going out. We’re not entirely convinced here at Iamthebestman but know of plenty a stag that are. It’s cheap as chips and even if it helps 5% it’s money well spent.

To stand the best chance of waking up looking and feeling like Shane McGowan on Saturday morning is to implement a combination of the above tactics.

Good luck!


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