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Top 10 Stag Costumes 2016

Best man articles — By on August 9, 2016 7:23 am

The whole point of a stag do is to give your best mate the send-off he deserves – inevitably incorporating one or more humiliating stag costumes. Stag and hen party planners, Last Night of Freedom, have rounded up their top 10 stag party costumes of 2016 – from the risqué to the downright vulgar. You have been warned…


01. T-shirts – king of stag costumes

Stag t-shirtsPersonalised T-shirts are still the most popular of all stag costumes by a long shot according to LNoF. These seem to have been around a while but remain top of the pops, probably because of the personalisation.

They will, of course, have a nickname printed on that you’d never want your Mum (or the wife) to find out the origins of. It’s going to be crude, rude and offensive. Standard.


02. Gimp Suit

Gimp stag costumeWhen a huge penis or a sanitary pad with tampon nunchucks just doesn’t do the job – you have to delve a little deeper, and darker. Welcome – the Gimp suit. The Groom-to-Be will never live this one down. Note: bonus stag do points if you get him in leg shackles and handcuffs, too.


03. Big Pink Vagina

Giant Vagina Stag CostumeNo, your eyes do not deceive you. A. Giant. Pink. Vagina. Your best mate will never live this one down. It may be a struggle to get him into certain bars and clubs, but, by God, it’ll worth it after seeing people’s reactions.



04. Penis Stag Costumes

Giant Penis Stag CostumeWe can’t think of a better way to celebrate the stag’s impending nuptials, than by forcing him to don a human sized penis costume. It may be immature, but penis jokes are the best kind of jokes – and, on a stag weekend it’s no different. This quality dick, made from only the finest material, is the ultimate in stag costumes – and will have him squirming all night long. Ideal.


05. Rocky Horror

Rocky Horror Stag CostumeIs there anything better than forcing the stag to wear a corset, suspenders and lace gloves whilst in the company of beautiful women? No, there isn’t. In fact, take as many photographs of him as you can – it’ll certainly be one to explain to the grandkids. There are four sizes available for this Rocky Horror outfit – so the excuse of him carrying a little holiday weight won’t fool anyone.



06. Opposuits

Opposuit stag costumeA regular old suit for your stag weekend just won’t cut it – you need an Opposuit. With a tagline of ‘100% polyester, 200% awesome’, you know for sure that you’re going to look good. From the Tulips of Amsterdam, to the seriously sophisticated Mr Lover Lover (our personal favourite) – there’s an Opposuit for any and every occasion. You’re welcome.

07. Alan Hangover Costume

The Hangover Stag CostumeThe Hangover featured in our Top Stag Movies list as one of those films that you hope will never happen to you, but you kind wish would – and you’re halfway there with one of these stag costumes. With ‘The Alan‘ costume, not only will you have the women a’flocking with the baby/weird teddy thing, but you’ve got the beard and glasses as a casual disguise, should you need to escape an embarrassing position (get your minds out of the gutter) at the end of the night.

08. Mr Miss World

Miss World Stag CostumeThere’s something about dressing a bloke as a woman that never fails to make us laugh. The pink dress, raunchy wig and Miss World sash – he’s going to be the hottest woman in the room. Make sure you do his makeup whilst p*ssed, and add a pair of huge stilettos to complete his outfit.

09. Willy Man

Willy Man Stag CostumerWilly man – the unsung superhero. We all love a superhero with a big, errr, heart – and as the stag, it’s only right that you make your mate feel like a real life hero. This epic outfit comes with a cape, Velcro-fastening pants and one hell of a ‘package’. Sit back and watch as he unleashes his special powers… and makes a complete fool of himself.

10. Inflatable Cock Fighting

Cockfight Stag CostumeInflatable cock fighting is the biggest and best game on the market. This hilarious game does exactly what it says on the tin – just strap on your inflated cock, and fight. Hard. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more attractive to the fairer sex than a cock fight. Simply blow them up, and knock your opponent’s cock off. Job done.


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