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Unusual Stag Do Ideas Guide

Stag Do — By on January 8, 2012 9:47 pm

Now, it would be fair to say that as the Stag Do has developed from its humble beginnings the night before the wedding to something more of an event, Stags everywhere have sought increasingly creative ideas to differentiate their bash from the crowd, seeking out unusual stag do ideas.

If you’re thinking along the same lines then allow Iamthebestman to draw your attention to some of the zaniest Stag Do ideas out there courtesy of Benedict le Vay who travelled Britain in search of the most eccentric sports in the country which you may wish to use as the basis for your bash. Some of them are annual competitions so the timing will need to be right but there are plenty to choose from. Sir Vay, we salute you for your crazy voyage and bring you the best of his findings below.


The World Black Pudding Throwing Championships, Lancashire

This one boasts origins going as far back as the Wars of the Roses when, having used all their weaponery the warring parties resorted to using black pudding in the absence of anything else. A kind of medival A-Team episode if you will. Today, the good people of Lancashire pay homage to their ancestors by hurling the breakfast mainstay off a pub roof – brilliant!
This wacky event takes place at the Royal Oak Public House, Ramsbottom from 11am every second Sunday in September and is definitely one of the more unusual stag do ideas we’ve heard here at iamthebestman.

Tin-bath racing , Isle of Man

Unusual Stag Do Ideas


You’ll have to get to the Isle of Man for this one but could well be worth the trip. Run by the Castletown Ale Drinkers Society, the tin bath race raises money for local charities by levying a small fee to take part. So the good news is that you can make a fool of the Stag and feel worthy for doing so! About hundred take part and has been drawing people since the 70’s. A good one to get amongst.

This takes place in Castletown Harbour on July 7 and if you’de like details of tin bath racing then click the link.


 Stinging Nettle Eating, Dorset

This could be a nice little surprise for the Stag! Yes, believe it or not nettle eating is a real event that has been taking place in Dorset since 1986 when two farmers who had a dispute over who had the longest nettles where invited to an eating contest by a local land lady in a bid to shut them up! It’s been going ever since and to win the contest, which is an hour long eating contest, the winner is likely to chomp their way through an unbelievable 60 feet of nettles!

It’s typically held at The Bottle Inn, Marshwood, near Bridport


The Biggest Liar In The World Competition, Cumbria

In honour of a popular, but liberally truthful, 19th Century publican by the name of Will Ritson The Santon Bridge in the Lake District, Cumbria host The Biggest Liar In The World Competition. Competitors, of which there were eleven last year, are given five minutes to tell the biggest and most convincing fib possible, which is judged by the audience and a panel of judges. Apparently celebrity Sue Perkins is a previous winner. This could be a good title to take to the Wedding for the groom! The competition takes place every November and costs a very reasonable £7 – see here for details.

Unusual Stag Do Ideas

The World Gurning Championship, Cumbria

Cumbria also plays host to The World Gurning Championships in which participants are required to project their lower jaw so far as to cover the top lip and distort their facial expressions to the point of revulsion. This is one of the few occasions when those who have hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down and then some are at an advantage. Sound like the Stag?! If so, get him there; the pics for the wedding will be worth the trip alone.

The event takes place each September at Egremont Crab Fair


Bog snorkelling, Powys

And finally, every year in the sleepy town of Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales a rare sporting event takes place in which competitors swim through a 50 metre peat bog for the honour of being crowned The World Bog Champion! Get involved by making your way to this tiny town ( population 601) in heart of Wales. It costs £15 per person and takes place on just one day a year – 28 August 2011. Click here to enter all ye crazy fools!




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