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Serious Speech #6

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What a whirlwind of a day!  In the afternoon we were trying to get all the beautiful bridesmaids, all the handsome groomsmen, not to mention the stunning bride and the dashing groom, ready for this day of celebration. I have to say, Stuart (groom) was surprisingly calm and collected–as if he knew what he was getting himself into.

Myself, I may appear to be relaxed right now but I was frantic in the morning. It was my job to dress the groomsmen and let’s just say they are not exactly black tie guys. Do you know how many times I had to explain to the groomsmen that you can’t wear black Converses with tuxedos?

Stuart on the other woke up at 6 a.m. and was fully dressed and ready to go. I even thought that he might have slept in his tuxedo just to make sure that he was firing on all cylinders.

You know Stuart  has always been a man of uber intensity. When he knows what he wants he decides to go get it. I remember when we were kids, one day he decided he wanted to get this awesome 250CC Honda dirt bike. However, his parents were not the type to spoil Stuart as they wanted to instil certain values in him. Stuart worked odd jobs, landscaping in the pouring rain for £3 an hour, mowing grass in the cold Manchester summers. For an entire year he worked his tail off for that dirt bike and eventually he bought it. That’s the kind of guy Stuart is, when he knows what he wants he does whatever he has to do to get it.

I remember that look in Stuart’s eyes after his first date with Laura. Man – how could I forget! I never knew what the word smitten meant until I saw this radiant glow shine off from his eyes. I looked at him and said, “another bachelor bites the dust.”

I think he knew from that night that he wanted to be here today, because he had met the perfect woman. It was love at first sight–well it wasn’t really first sight, but perhaps love at first date. These two have had that magical type of romance that I thought you only see in the movies.

I know I don’t have to tell them to cherish this day, and of course to cherish each other. I don’t have to tell them how special their relationship is, that they need to nurture and care for it. That they have to respect and care for each other, protect each other, love each other. I know these two, and I know that they know full well what they need to do, and what they’re going to do. So everyone, raise your glasses high. Join me in wishing these two wonderful souls a continued life of love, magic and most of all true friendship for the rest of their lives.