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Stag Do Movies

Get a stag do coming up and short of a few ideas? Want to get in the mood by viewing some calamitous celluloid capers? Then you’re in the right place as we run down ten of the best stag do movies made – in our humble opinion anyway.


1) The Hangover

Take your pick – part one, two or three – they’re among the funniest bloke films that have been made for a long time. Don’t expect your stag do to be quite so eventful as these films lurch from one hilarious scrape to another and you’ll sit there praying somehow your stag do will end up a bit like this.

All three films are about the adventures a group of lads encounter on a stag do – or bachelor party to use the Americanism – and their attempts to piece the night together the following day. Part one is in Vegas, part two in Bangkok and three back in Uncle U.S. of Stateside; in truth, they are essentially the same film in different countries. So perhaps just watch any or, but whichever you chose laughs and a pre-night out morale boost are guaranteed.


2) Oceans 11

If you want to see what a group of genuinely cool group of guys (and Matt Damon) looks like then stick this on as a stag do warm up film.

The likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney are equally as smooth in Oceans 12 and 13 but, as is so often the case, the first instalment is the best. It was made in 2001, which is long enough ago for everyone to know that it’s about a group of crooks trying to pull off a Las Vegas heist. It’s not specifically stag do related but sharp dialogue and a slick plot mean its ideal to get the boys in the mood for a big night out on the lash.


3) Very Bad Things

This one doesn’t contain quite such an appealing stag do scenario. Go to Vegas, hire a hooker, get her to your hotel room then accidentally kill her in the midst of having sex. And from that point on things get steadily worse and more complicated for the group of bachelor party pals. Although billed as a dark comedy, understandably it’s not quite the laugh a minute movie some of the others are. But the story is told in a way that does make you think ‘if that happened to me what would I do?’. Assuming of course you’re the type to have rough sex with a prostitute in the first place.


4) Staggered

Once you get over the opening scene of a naked Martin Clunes on some godforsaken Scottish beach this film does improve. He’s been dumped there by his ‘pals’ as a stag do prank and has three days to get back to England in time for his wedding. A gentler film than most on the list, so more of a come-down-after-the-night-before watch rather than a get-up-for-a-night-ahead. But it has its funny moments and if nothing else warns of the perils of organising a stag do too close to the wedding. Plus it’s likely no one will have seen this film before, much less remember its ins and outs.


5) Bachelor Party

Made in 1984 and starring Tom Hanks before he went Saving Private Ryan style serious, this is one of the original stag do films. Tom plays party boy Rick Gassko who, much to his friends’ shock and disgust, announces his intention to get married.

They react like pretty much anyone else would – by deciding to throw him a massive bachelor party (see film title). Throw in a slightly neurotic bride, her jealous sneaky ex and you get a riotous evening of orgies and chases through multiplex cinemas.

Apparently it’s loosely based on a true story. Either way you watch this and wonder why Tom Hanks jacked in making this kind of slapstick gold (see also Turner and Hooch, Big and Dragnet) in favour of Oscar winning borefests like Philadelphia.

6) The Inbetweeners Movie

It’s about a lads holiday in the sun rather than a stag do. But chances are this will be the one film that, if you’re honest, you’ll be able t relate to the most. Four clumsy teenage friends head off on a summer holiday to Greece hoping to get laid, for the most part failing miserably. Partly hilarious and partly toe-curling as you suspect that actually you and your mates were quite similar at that age.

But the ups and downs of friendship and drunken nights on the pull will strike a chord that once the credits roll will just make you want to go out, get pissed and have a good time with your pals.

7) American Pie

We’ve all seen the film and at least one of its many sequels. But American Pie is one of the few movies that remains almost as funny the tenth time you’ve seen it as the first. Plenty of attractive women, uncomplicated laugh out loud humour and laddish banter (albeit American style) make this the ideal recipe for a stag do afternoon over a few beers.

And if you’ve got time stick numbers two and three on to chart the amazing descent of Stiffler from everyone’s favourite character in the first film to by far the most annoying in the third.


8) Porkies

This was essentially the film Daddy that fathered American Pie. It actually looks a little dated at times, but invented the perfect stag do movie formula of a bunch of puerile teenagers trying desperately to have sex. Some of the classic comedy includes the shower scene, the boiled egg prank and possibly the best phone related gag ever.

This is definitely one movie designed to watch with a bunch of mates rather than on your own, I’ve done both and it’s five times funnier that way.


9) Stag Night of the Dead

The phrase cult classic is overused for films and is often another way of saying it’s a bit shit. In truth you’re veering into that sort of territory with Stag Night of the Dead. But to use another well-worn film cliché – it’s so bad it’s good. That it was released in 2010 with the strap line ‘Six stags, one stripper, a million zombies – you do the math’ tells you all you need to know.

The plot summary won’t take long, some guys go on a stag do paintball session and end up fighting a load of zombies…. with the help of a stripper.


10) Dumb and Dumber

At the time of its release in 1994 this was possibly the funniest film ever made and was almost written with a stag do in mind. Any stag party will have at least one member who is as stupid as the characters Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.

And what better way to inspire some good natured ribbing than a reminder of just how moronic some people can be.

To briefly recap the story, Lloyd and Harry travel across America to return a ‘mislaid’ briefcase full of money to a woman Lloyd fancies. It is however ransom money purposely dropped by said lady for kidnappers, who are left none too happy.

The way one joke rolls into the next, while actually moving the plot along is brilliant.

And as it’s not the sort of film that ITV2 shows every night for a week it’s hardly ever on TV so chances are it’s been a while since most people have seen it. Long enough to forget just how good it is.